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Inventing New Worlds


Howard Sung (’11) had a daunting task before him: understand the mystifying mind of a four year old.

Tasked with developing the first entry level LEGO line, Howard’s team researched and analyzed the preferences and play patterns of preschoolers. Then he brainstormed and sketched out entire microcosms for them, shaping a whole new series of safe toys that this young audience would adore.

Looking not only to entertain, but to stimulate cognitive abilities and develop fine motor skills and confidence, Howard’s team identified “quick start” elements that empowered young children to kickstart playtime independently. He also considered how these modular new pieces could seamlessly integrate with the child’s next stage of LEGO toys.

Howard and his team built out concept models and flushed out themes, working closely with graphic designers and product packaging teams. The result was LEGO Juniors, which was a huge hit not only with families, but with critics and judges at the International Toy Fair where it picked up the prestigious Toy of the Year Award.

Through the renowned Toy Design program at Otis, Howard had direct access to industry leaders and is part of a growing network of Otis alumni driving the toy industry.

At Otis, you sharpen your design skills and build strong connections that will be your building blocks for succeeding in the creative economy.

“I chose Otis because of the location, being in L.A. and in the major Toy Design industry.” —Howard Sung

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