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K-12 & Pre-College Policies

Extension Registration Policies

Grading Policy

Non-Credit Status
No grades are assigned for Non-Credit classes. No records are kept, other than the registration schedule.

Credit and Certificate Status
Grades assigned upon completion or termination of a course taken for credit are:

  • A Excellent
  • B Good
  • C Average
  • D Poor
  • F Failure
  • W Withdrawal: Indicates official withdrawal (done through the Extension Registration Office). The “W” grade becomes part of the student’s permanent record, but is not included in the grade point average. Students must withdraw by deadline noted on Academic Calendar.
  • I Incomplete: Given only in extreme circumstances with the instructor’s and the Dean of Otis College Extension’s approval. Work must be completed within 4 weeks from the end of the semester in which the grade of Incomplete was granted; otherwise, a final grade of “UW” will result.
  • UW Unofficial Withdrawal: Indicates that a student has “unofficially” withdrawn. The “UW” grade is equivalent to an “F” in calculating the grade point average.

Appeal for Grade Change

Grades are subject to revision by the instructor with the approval of the Dean of Otis College Extension. Grade changes may be made only during the semester immediately following the semester in which the initial grade was given. After one semester has elapsed, all grades recorded in the Extension Registration Office become a permanent part of the student’s academic record, and no changes are allowed.

Drop Policy (Dropping before the 2nd Class Meeting)

Students must officially drop a class through the Otis College Extension Registration and Records Office. Students have until the second class meeting to drop before the deadline passes. Only those who drop before the drop deadline, are eligible for a partial course cost refund based on the refund policy. Alternatively, students who wish to register for courses in the future, can apply exisiting funds towards a course in a future semester. To drop a course, a request must be submitted through our online system, Adjustment Form.

Withdrawal Policy (Dropping after the 2nd Class Meeting, Before the 4th)

After the drop deadline, a student may officially withdraw from a course by completing the Adjustment Form. A grade of "W" is assigned. The grade of "W" has no effect upon the grade point average. Failure to complete a course does not constitute official withdrawal, nor does notifying the instructor. Students who do not meet the withdrawal requirements or do not make their request by the withdrawal deadline, will receive a failing grade. No refunds are awarded to students who withdraw from a course. Students can, however, defer their course tuition towards a course in a future semester.

All drop requests submitted after the drop deadline and before the withdrawal deadline, will automatically be processed as withdrawals. Withdrawals are not eligible for any type of refund.

Refund Policy

In order to obtain a refund, students must officially drop their course. Students that are signed up for a course with four or more meetings, are eligible for an 80% partial refund if they drop before the start of their course. Students that are signed up for a course with four or more meetings who drop by the Drop Deadline (before the second class meeting), are eligible for a 50% partial refund. Once the Drop Deadline has passed, drop requests are processed as withdrawals and are no longer eligible for a refund. Students who withdraw may still qualify for a deferral*. After the Withdrawal Deadline (before the fourth class meeting) has passed, no refund or deferral will be awarded. Please see the refund schedule below for details.

Refund Schedule

BEFORE THE START OF THE COURSE (courses with four or more meetings)

80% partial refund awarded. May qualify for a deferral* 


50% partial refund awarded.  May qualify for a deferral* 


No tuition refund. May qualify for a deferral* 


No tuition refund or deferral awarded


MINIMUM PROCESSING TIME FOR ALL REQUESTS IS 10 DAYS. Should a refund take more time due to unforeseen factors, student will be contacted.
*A deferment allows a student to apply the tuition cost of the dropped course to a future course. 

Students who have registered for a course, and do not attend the first or second meeting, are responsible for notifying the Extension Registration Office. All requests to modify a student schedule must be completed through our online system, Adjustment Form.

No Refund

  • After the drop deadline has passed
  • In the event of a withdrawal
  • If you drop a course with 3 meetings or less
  • For students who do not attend class and who do not officially drop from their course


To appeal for a refund, which falls outside the policy outlined above, students must submit an appeal to the Refund Committee. The appeal must outline specific reasons for the refund request.

Refund Processing

Once the information is received by the Otis College Extension Registration and Records, tuition refunds require a minimum of 10 days to process. If for some reason we anticipate your refund taking longer, we will contact you.


Otis College of Art and Design reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny any person’s registration or enrollment in, or admittance to, any Otis College Extension course.