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L.A. Summer Residency


CANCELED: L.A. Summer Residency 2020

Due to COVID-19, Otis College has canceled the L.A. Summer Residency for this upcoming 2020 session. Please join our mailing list to be notified once applications are open for L.A. Summer Residency 2021. 

The L.A. Summer Residency offers artists and designers the opportunity to work side-by-side in an immersive environment within the vibrant art and design community of Los Angeles. Through access to Otis College's advanced production studios, facilities, and deep engagement with the Los Angeles contemporary arts community, participants can produce unique work and investigate new ideas. Artists and designers will be hosted at our housing and dining facilities, minutes from LAX and the Pacific Ocean.



Sherrill Roland


Residency participant Sherrill Roland explains The Jumpsuit Project and how his practice expanded during his time at the L.A. Summer Residency at Otis College.


Heather Merckle


Residency participant Heather Merckle describes her process and what Otis College's production studios offered during her residency experience.


Orly Ruaimi


Residency participant Orly Ruaimi on working with artists from across the globe in the creative community of Los Angeles.


Jessica Meuse


Residency participant Jessica Meuse reflects on her time in Los Angeles at the L.A. Summer Residency at Otis College.


Kelly Heaton