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Learning e-Portfolios

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E-Portfolios are platforms for students, teachers, alumni, and departments to showcase their work and ideas. They are archives of learning, discovery, progress, achievement and reflection. All Community members have access to the software, and many users have more than one portfolio for different purposes.The work collected in an e-portfolio can represent a range of activities including: learning and achievement, professional ability and accomplishments, records of experiences, impressions or reflections, and/or the process and development of ideas, etc. An e-portfolio can be public, private only to the Otis Community, or intended for only one individual.
In Fall 2009, Otis students began keeping Learning ePortfolios. They actively connect content from different classes, and reflect on what they are learning. This learning e-portfolio is maintained for all four years, and becomes the the basis for a Senior Capstone course.
See actual Otis E-Portfolios (Note: Most Learning E-Portfolios are available only on campus.)
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