Claire Tianyi Sun

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Claire Tianyi Sun

Growing up with a discontinuous sense of home and language, I became a vessel of conflicting interpretations, with only my memories as an impermanent anchor. I was in constant negotiation with my own words, striving to weave them into a continuous narrative. But through translation meaning is lost, words cease to exist, histories misunderstood and wordless memories we are forced to forget." Sun’s interdisciplinary works invite you to interpret the metaphorical language of painting in an expanded field. She interweaves painting, textiles, calligraphy, embroidery, and written text with the weightless waves and abstract codes of digital technology to explore the connotations embedded within these elements. Collectively, they form a psychological landscape where we re-route meaning and navigate between fragments that exert opposite gravitational pulls. Sun investigates the ruptures in language, syntax, and perspective to invalidate and recreate the process of interpretation. Claire Tianyi Sun is a Chinese interdisciplinary visual artist from the United Kingdom and is currently living and working in Los Angeles.  Sun received her BA from the University of Washington and will receive her MFA from Otis College of Art and Design. 

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Lilly of the Valley 2019 70" x 62" overall dimensionsMixed Media collage (Acrylic, polyester, pattern paper, collagraph, paper, repurposed clothing, ink, Xuan paper, unstretched canvas)

The Thief of Small Talk 2019 58" x 43" Mixed Media Collage (Acrylic, hand embroidery, polyester bed sheets, linen, collagraph, ink, charcoal, flannel and wrapping paper)

Lovely Prescription 2019 58" x 44" Mixed Media Collage (Acrylic, hand embroidery, polyester, linen, collagraph, ink, paper, charcoal, flannel and pattern paper)

The Expiration Date of Plastic Wrap 2019 170“ x 63“ Mixed Media on Canvas

Dictionary Ghosts 2019 22"x 35" (overall dimensions) Mixed Media Collage (acrylic, hand embroidery, upholstery, canvas, flannel, polyester)

Bullet Comments 2019 66" x 78'" (overall dimensions)Mixed Media Collage (Acrylic, hand embroidery, collagraph, ink, fabric, canvas, and Xuan paper)

I Saw Your Petticoat 2020 36"x 35"x 2" overall dimensions Acrylic, hand embroidery, collagraph, ink, repurposed fabric, canvas, and Xuan paper collage with wire skeleton.

Sketch 2020 20" x 16” (overall dimensions) Mixed Media Collage (acrylic, hand embroidery, upholstery, canvas, flannel, polyester)