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GFA Newsletter February 2015

Grad KRISTY BALTEZORE presented her MFA thesis exhibition #5DAYS2HIPHOP from February 9-13 at 9045. Lincoln Blvd, 90045. BALTEZORE also wrote an article for Art21 blog for the May / June issue that  will be released the first week of May 2015.

The exhibition Orien Lowell Greenough: Lives Matter at alum CALVIN PHELP’S ‘03 2A Gallery was extended through March 1, 2015.

Grad RACHEL WOLFE held her MFA Thesis exhibition MAKING SENSE at the Bolsky Gallery from February16 to 21, 2015. 

Grad YASMIN THAN had her Thesis Exhibition G H O S T   P A R T I C L E S at the Bolsky Gallery from March 3rd - March 7th  2015


Grad DELIA PEREZ SALINAS TIJERINA had her MFA exhibition PYXIS at the Bolsky Gallery from February 23-28, 2015

Alum MIDGE LYNN ’84 had an exhibition BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE at HALEY-HENMAN Gallery in Dallas TX from February 4 - 28, 2015.

Grad SEAN CULLY had his MFA exhibition New Morning at the Bolsky Gallery from March  9 – 18, 2015

Our first OTIS /CERGY residency exchange fellow JEFF GUESS arrived from Paris on March 2 for a three-month residency in GFA, while alum JAMIE GRACE DAVIS is completing a three month residency at ENSAPC in Paris until May 1, 2015.

Alum ZEAL HARRIS ‘07  is in "Midnight @ Vertigo: New Visual Afrofuturisms & Speculative Migrations” at the Clark Humanities Museum, Pomona, CA. The exhibit runs 2/23/15 - 3/6/15.     On Friday, March 13th she participated in a Panel Discussion, "Ethnosurrealism and Visual Art” in Astroblackness 2 Conference, and The Surreal, The Speculative,and The Spooky at Loyola Marymount University March 13th - May 1st and the Association of Hysteric Curators (group exhibit) at the Downtown Art Center Gallery

GFA faculty RENEE PETROPOULOS with Gregory Lenczycki presented “Between Libya, Scotland and the United States”  in Noise and the Possibility For a Future at the Goethe Institute Los Angeles on March 6 & 7, 2015

Alum MATT LIFSON ’12 is in the group exhibition And There Is an End at Roberts & Tilton Gallery from March 14 to April 18, 2015

Alum AMANDA KATZ ’14 (Katz's Deli) and Writ Large Press presented the second installment of Chiwan Choi's Ghostmaker, an experiment in composing, destroying, and collectively reproducing a manuscript. This iteration of the project travelled to the non-profit community arts center Avenue 50 Studio.on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015.

Grad SEAN CULLY had his MFA thesis exhibition NEW MORNING in the Bolsky Gallery March  9 – 18, 2015.

GFA Chair ROY DOWELL was featured in the Guest Lecture section of Artillery magazine of March 3, 2015. 

Grad SOO YUN JUN had her MFA thesis exhibition PARABOLIC FLIGHT in the Bolsky Gallery March 23 – March 29, 2015

Grad KATHRYN KERT GREEN participated in the four-person exhibition Playtime at the Annenberg Community Beach House Gallery from March 5 to May 10, 2015.

GFA Assistant Chair ANNETTA KAPON showed her videos in the Retina Video Art Festival at the cultural center Brancaleone, in Rome, Italy from March 12-14, 2015.

Alum SHIVA ALIABADI ’14 had her poem published in a book of poems called  A Poem A Day,  curated by Nico Dockx and compiled by Nico Cockx and Clara Meister. 

Alum EDITH BEAUCAGE ’10 has a solo exhibition Chill Bivouac Rhymes at CB1 Gallery from June 6 to July 18th 2015. BEAUCAGE’S work is also currently exhibited at LAX between terminal 7 and 8, until September, in the context of the LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) Art Program titled  "On the Cusp”.

Alum COURTNEY STRICKLIN '06 is in a show FUTURES in support of the my Reguge house at 293 Chung King Road, Los Angeles, on Saturday evening, April 18th, 2015

The O.R. Gallery on the GFA campus in Culver City hosted the group exhibition Social Fabric with MIYOSHI BAROSH, GFA faculty ROY DOWELL, ANNETTA KAPON, RENEE PETROPOULOS, LINDA HUDSON, and alums HELEN CAHNG ‘05, ALLISON PECK ‘14 and MICHELLE WIENER ‘08 from March 5 to April 10, 2015. 

Alum SHIVA ALIABADI ’14 took part in the exhibition Homing Pigeon curated Kio Griffith in Tokyo, Japan this April 2015. 

Grad REGINE RODE has an exhibition, Floreana at Selecto 6th Street and Bonny Brae) from April 4th to April 18th 2015.