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May 2014



Compiled by Annetta Kapon


Alum PATRICK HILL ‘2000 is showing his work in the group exhibition Screen Play at SWG3 Gallery in Glasgow, Britain from May 3 to May 24, 2014.

Alum KATY COWAN ‘14 showed new sculptures at the NADA New York Art Fair, May 9-11, 2014.

The GFA class of 2014 had their group exhibition “Eleven” at the Bolsky Gallery from May 7 to May 19, 2014. It included work by SHIVA ALIABADI, DAVID DEL FRANCIA, ALLISON PECK, MARCELA GOTTARDO, ANDREW CURREY, SWEET SAMSON, MARISSA JOHNEN, AMANDA KATZ, BRYAN BANKSTON, KATY COWAN, REBECCA TULL.

Alums JOHN WESTON '07 and KATIE THOMA '13 showed their work at SERGIO BROMBERG'S Venice6114 from May 31 to August 2, 2014

Alums CARLA DANES '02, LAWRENCE GIPE '86, BRIDGET KANE '12, LISA OXLEY '12, and BRANDY WOLFE '12 took part in MAS Attack at Vast Space Projects in Henderson Nevada on May 17, 2014.

Alums LORENZO HURTADO SEGOVIA '07 and SHIVA ALIABADI '13 were featured and interviewed in issue number 2 of SeeMagazine, May 2014.

Alum LUIS.G. HERNANDEZ '03 was interviewed by Marco Vera in KCET's "Artbound" on May 19, 2014.

The Venice Art Walk on Sunday, May 18 2014 included alum MICHELLE ANDRADE '07 and GFA Professor RENEE PETROPOULOS.

Alum ERIC MEDINE '06 had a solo exhibition on Wednesday, May 21st at the XM:Lab in Saarbrucken, Germany. In addition, his latest project "Visual Touch Therapy", an at-home rehabilitation platform for stroke survivors, was mentioned in Endgadget:

Alum MICHELLE CHONG’S Short House presented Have Your Cake, a pop up show on Tuesday May 27th, 2014 at monk space in Los Angeles, including STEVEN BANKHEAD '01, ANA RODRIGUEZ '09, and JOHN WESTON '07

Alum BRYAN RICCI '12 curated a group exhibition “Not-Knowing” from June 6 to July 13 at Jaus in Los Angeles, including ALLISON PECK ’14, SRIJON CHOWDHURY '13, LISA OXELY '12, ALEC EGAN '13 and BRYAN RICCI '12.

GFA Professor RENEE PETROPOULOS had a solo exhibition “Proposal for a Pavilion 2014” at LAMOA in Los Angeles from May 3 to June 21, 2014.

Alum ELENA ROSA '12 had a solo exhibition "Conditions for Love" at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, from May 4 to June 15, 2014.

Alum ALEX KROLL '08 had a solo exhibition "Imaginary" at James Harris Gallery in Seattle WA, from May 22 to June 28, 2014. 

Alum KATY COWAN '13 was featured in a 2-person exhibition at Cherry and Martin in Los Angeles from May 31 to July 3, 2014.