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MFA Fine Arts Newsletter August 2019

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MFA Fine Arts Newsletter August 2019

Compiled by Annetta Kapon.

Otis’s Ben Maltz Gallery hosted the group exhibition 100 Years of Otis Alumni from September 7 to December 2019. Included are MFA alums MARY SUE ADER ANDERSON (’65) MICHELLE ANDRADE (’07) JOHN BALDESSARI (’58) (IN COLLABORATION WITH MEG CRANSTON) RAUL BALTAZAR (’13) TERESA FLORES (’13) KATY COWAN (’13) KIM FISHER (’98) KRISTEN FOSTER (’09) JUDITHE HERNANDEZ (’74) LORENZO HURTADO SEGOVIA (’07) ALISON SAAR (’81) MASAMI TERAOKA (’68) KENT TWITCHELL (’77) JEFFREY VALLANCE (’81) BRUCE YONEMOTO (’79).

MFA Faculty ALLISON MILLER will have a one-person exhibition CAPRRIUS at The Pit in Los Angeles from Sept. 8 to October 19, 2019.

Alum REGINE RODE ‘16 showed in Floral Hygiene, a one-night exhibition at Popps Emporium in Detroit Michigan on August 22, 2019. 

Alum LUIS G. HERNANDEZ ‘03 and RAUL BALTAZAR ‘13 participate with work in the exhibition La Frontera/The Border: Art Across the Border at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University. The exhibition runs August 26 - November 17, 2019

Alum JANET E. DANDRIDGE has her first solo exhibition Collective Finds of Inanimacy on Sept 7 2019 at artofnoizedmv in Washington DC.

Alum JENNIFER LANSKI has a solo exhibition "Places: Famous and Ordinary" at the LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts September 5-29, 2019.

Alum KRISTIN MOORE ‘17was asked by Saatchi Art to speak on a panel on July 19th at a preview event for The Other Art Fair at Park House in Dallas. MOORE will have a selection of paintings in the “No Dead Artists” juried exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, LA from 9/7 to 9/27/2019. She will be showing her work at The Other Art Fair in Dallas, September 19 through 22, 2019.

Alum MERCEDES GERTZ ’01 will present three bodies of work in Down the Rabbit Holeat the Duron Gallery at SPARC in Venice, CA from September 7 to October 25, 2019.

Alum REGINA HEROD ’13 is showing her work in the group exhibition The Chronic Conundrumat Woodbury University from August 24 to September 28, 2019.

Alum ALEX KROLL ’08 has a one-person exhibition Moon Peopleat Fredric Snitzer Gallery in Miami FL. September 6 to October 5, 2019.

Alums ALEX KROLL ’08 and LORENZO HURTADO SEGOVIA ’07 will show their work in the pop-up group exhibition A New Liver Every Daycurated by Orly Ruaimi at Union, 1325 Palmetto St. LA 90013 on Saturday August 24, 2019.

Alum CHLOE JEONGMYO KIM ’19 showed her work in the group exhibition Artists Statement at Orange County Great Park September 1 to November 10, 2019.

Alum PATRICK HILL ’00 is taking part in the group exhibition Landlord Colors: On Art, Economy, And Materiality at Cranbrook Art Museum in Detroit MI from June 22 through October 6, 2019.

Alum LILI BERNARD ’14 is participating in the group exhibition Black Brown and Beige at Self Help Graphics and Art from August 17 to September 27, 2019.  

Alum KARMA HENRY ’10 has been juried in for a booth at Santa Fe Indian Market on August 15th & 16th, 2019.

Alum MARGARETHE DREXEL ’16 had an exhibition En la Hora de la Muerte at Biquini Wax EPS in Mexico City, Mexico from August 10 – 31, 2019.

Alum ROB FAUCETTE’S ’05 and the C Words were live on KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles on Friday August 2, 2019. 

Alum LUIS G. HERNANDEZ ‘03 showed work in the exhibition Climate of Unrest at Modified Arts in Phoenix, AZ. The exhibition was curated by Jeff Chabot and Miguel Angel Monzon and ran from July 19 to August 10, 2019.

Alum LARKIN HIGGINS ’95 showed her work in “Logographic Drawing on Paper”, “Logographic Drawing  in Sky”, “Logographic  Drawing on Birch” (artworks), & “toward forward” (poem), published in Otoliths, issue 52 southern summer - 2019       (paper published); Mark Young, editor (Australia). There is also an online version. 

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is pleased to announce HOLLA, a performance and exhibition by alum CATHERINE SCOTI SCOTT ‘16. Exhibition dates are August 3-25, 2019.

One Afternoon in Your Next Reincarnation was curated by alum SRIJON CHOWDHURY ’13 at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, August 1-16, 2019

Alums MATT HOLLIS ’19 and CHLOE JEONGMYO KIM ’19 showed their work in (Beyond) Redemption at Backspace Gallery in Los Angeles  from August 10th  - August 24th, 2019

Grads CHRIS STOLTZ and BRIA GOODALL curated and participated in the exhibition Proof of Art at the Otis grad studios August 17th-22nd, 2019.

Grad JOHEE KWAK organized and participated in an exhibition called "Naked Truth" at the Graduate Studios August 3-12, 2019.

Alum RANDI GANULIN ’96 had her work included in the Seattle Public Utilities Fresh Perspectives purchase. 

Grad AMY FRIEDBERG had her work included in the online exhibition Unexpected Moments: Art with a Twist:

Grads AMY FRIEDBERG and MIRENA KIM completed a one-month residency at Fundacion Sebastian in Mexico City with an exhibition of their work at Fundacion Sebastian from July 27 to August 4, 2019. 

Alum JORGE PALOMO ’01 published his book Salvadoran Art, A Chronology of the History of the Visual Arts of El Salvador (1821-2015) in El Salvador in July 2019.

MFA Faculty RENÉE PETROPOULOS and JUDIE BAMBER will take part in B.A.T State III guest-curated by Anita Bunn and Francesco X. Siqueiros of El Nopal Press at the Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum at CSULB from September 9 to November 14, 2019.  

MFA Faculty JUDIE BAMBER is showing her work in Made in California:  Art + Photographic Portraits of Artists by Wayne Shimabukuro, RAFFMA at California State University, San Bernardino, October 3 - December 14, 2019. BAMBER will also be participating in a Limited edition Artist Designed T Shirts project with LSH CoLab, Contemporary Art Focusing on Los Angeles Artists, and has work installed in Allbright’s new location in West Hollywood. They are a London-based membership club for women.

Alum YRNEH GABON ’17 will give a lecture Me an’ Mi Suitcase on Friday August 2, 2019 at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. GABON also showed his work in the Summer 2019 exhibition of the National Gallery in Kingston, Jamaica, from July 28 to October 27, 2019.

ANNIE BUCKLEY, MFA 2003, was appointed Director of the School of Art and Design at San Diego State University.

Alum EDITH BEAUCAGE ’10 is in a summer group show at Luis De Jesus Gallery “I've got a good mind to give up living and go shopping instead” from July 13 - August 24, 2019

Alum KARMA HENRY ’10 was part of Reawakening the Great Basin: A Native American Arts and Culture Gathering on Saturday, July 13, 2019 as part of the Great Basin Native Artists (GBNA) 

Alum DIANE HOLLAND '84 is slated for inclusion in "Layered Look 2" in Winter 2020.

Former MFA Chair ROY DOWELL had a solo exhibition “Found in Translation” at the Bolsky Gallery from June 4 to August 3, 2019.

MFA faculty KADE TWIST as part of POSTCOMMODITY has a solo exhibition “with-each-incentive” at the Art Institute of Chicago Jul 25–Sep 22, 2019. Postcommodity gave an artist’s talk on July 26, 2019. 

Alum EDITH BEAUCAGE ’10 had her first public art piece TAG DA SLIM installed in Baltimore.

Alums MATT HOLLIS ‘19, LEO MONDOR ‘06 and FLAVIA MONTEIRO ’13 are showing their work in the group exhibition OFFAL at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery from August 15 to September 29, 2019.