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MFA Fine Arts Newsletter June 2019

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Compiled by Annetta Kapon.

MFA Fine Arts Newsletter June 2019

Alum JASON MCKECHNIE ’92 has an upcoming exhibition < a ‘ stitch' in Time // une ‘suture' dans le Temps >  — a collaboration with Galerie Erga - July 11- 27, 2019 in Montreal, Canada. 

Alum EDITH BEAUCAGE ’10 is in a summer group show at Luis De Jesus Gallery “I've got a good mind to give up living and go shopping instead” from July 13 - August 24, 2019

Grad AMEERA DAAOOD showed work at TPLA on June 18, 2019

Alum KARMA HENRY ’10 will be part of Reawakening the Great Basin: A Native American Arts and Culture Gathering on Saturday, July 13, 2019 as part of the Great Basin Native Artists (GBNA) HENRY has also been juried in for a booth on August 17th & 18th, 2019. 

Alum AUSTYN DE LUGO ‘18 is in the exhibition Queer Futures Curated Art Show from June 24 to July 8, 2019 at the Hangout in Long Beach.

Alum LORENZO HURTADO SEGOVIA ’07 showed work at Castelli Art Space curated by leantostudio.  He also is showing in “Specific Abstractions,” a group exhibition at Charlie James Gallery curated by Matt Stromberg from June 15 to July 20, 2019.

MFA faculty BENJAMIN WEISSMAN has a solo exhibition Praying to Hallucinations and Getting Resultsat The Pit Gallery in Los Angeles from June 22 to July 27, 2019.

Grad VERONICA MARSHALL took part in the 2nd Annual Pulse of LA 2019 exhibition at SoLA Gallery in Los Angeles from July 6 to July 27 2019.

Alum DIANE HOLLAND '84 participated in the juried shows of Collage Artists of America ("Reality is Highly Overrated," Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center, Burbank) and Lark Gallery ("Homage to the Russian Avant-Garde," Plummer Park, West Hollywood) in May 2019. Last fall she was curated into "That Layered Look" by Peter Frank and Caroline Tufenkian at Tufenkian Gallery in Glendale, and is slated for inclusion in "Layered Look 2" in winter 2020.

Alum MARKUS TRACY ’02 just completed a socially engaged project in Blackville, South Carolina, a residency by the South Carolina Arts Council: Art of the Rural in partnership with the Department of Agriculture: Rural Arts, from March through April 2019. His residency in Estill, S.C. will be from July 1-31. 2019. He also has a mural unveiling next week in Forman, North Dakota which was a residency in partnership between the city of Forman and the North Dakota Arts Council.  

MFA Faculty RENEE PETROPOULOS showed her work in the group exhibition Drawings and Other Works on Paper at as-is gallery from June 16th - July 27th, 2019

Alum JOE SOLA ’99 participated with his work in “Micrologies,“ curated by  DIXI, Los Angeles in collaboration with Scharaun, Berlin, as part of an exchange organized by B-LA Connect. At Scharaun, Berlin, Germany from June 8 to July 5, 2019.

Alum DEB ADAMS-WELLES ’18 took part in a group exhibition “Converge” at Beacon from June 8-22, 2019.

Alum JEISUNG OH ’16 has 2 exhibitions: “Another Bad World”, May 22 - June 23, three-person Show, Space22, Seoul, South Korea and “Summer Love”, July 7-August 31, Group show, l Songeun Art Space, Seoul, South Korea

MFA FA professor ANDREA BOWERS showed her work in Art Basel Unlimited 2019: June 13 – 16, 2019

MFA FA professor KORI NEWKIRK had a conversation with ADIA MILLET at California African American Museum on June 2, 2019.

Former MFA Chair ROY DOWELL has a solo exhibition “Found in Translation” at the Bolsky Gallery from June 4 to August 3, 2019.

MFA professor KADE TWIST as part of POSTCOMMODITY has a solo exhibition “with-each-incentive” at the Art Institute of Chicago Jul 25–Sep 22, 2019. Postcommodity will give an artist’s talk on July 26, 2019. 

MFA Interim Chair ANNETTA KAPON’S Proxy Gallery will be temporarily relocated to the Otis Galef building during June, July and August 2019, and will host exhibitions titled “Souvenirs” by visiting faculty in MFA Graphic Design-curated by MFAGD Chair KALI NIKITAS. 

Alum ED GOMEZ ’03 showed his work at Durden and Ray for the “Repeating Fragments” exhibition from May 25 to June 23, 2019, curated by Ed Gomez and Brian Thomas Jones. 

Alums ZEAL HARRIS ’07,  LILI BERNARD ’14 and LORENZO BAKER ’18 are showing in “Some Blakkity Black Stuff” on July 5, during Kamikaze shows. SHIRIN BOLOURCHI ‘17 with RACHEL WOLFE ’15, ZAC ROACH  and MFA Interim Chair ANNETTA KAPON (July 28) will participate in the PØST July Kamikaze show Feel the Burn curated by SHIRIN BOLOURCHI hosted by POST @MiM gallery. Alum SHIVA ALIABADI '14 showed in Kamikaze @MiM on July 16.

Alums MICHELLE ANDRADE ’07 and TRACEE JOHNSON have work in a group show “Efímera” curated by Mario Mesquita in the Blue Roof Studios sanctuary and selected outdoor public spaces, from June 22, 2019.     

Alum KIM FISHER ’98 showed her work in the COLA 2019 individual Artists Fellowship Exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery from May 19 – July 14, 2019.

Alum SOO YUN JUN ’15 is in a group exhibition "Layers of Memory" at Hoam Faculty Center, Seoul, Korea from May 1st-July 31st.

Alum YRNEH BROWN ‘17 showed his work in Buzzsaw at ArtShare LA from May 11 to June 2, 2019

Grads CHLOE JEONGMYO KIM and ALLY WALLACE have work in "Made in California" at the Brea Gallery from May 4th through June 28, 2019. KIM’s work "Greenie Grey" received the first-place award by the curator Yevgeniya Mikhailik.

Alum SABREE WOODWARD ‘18 took part in the group exhibition “The Creatives” at the Creative House Gallery in Inglewood CA from April 13 to July 13 2019. 

Alum EDITH BEAUCAGE ’10 had her first public art piece TAG DA SLIM installed in Baltimore.

Alum RACHEL WOLFE ‘15 is showing Solfége Souche, in Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA), Korea, July 2019. 

Alum RACHEL WOLFE (2015) participated in Art-It Launch party, at Trance& Bernt Ankers Gate 31, Oslo, Norway June 2019, and had her sculpture, in the Elemental Kate Exhibition at  Sheffield, UK, in May 2019.