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MFA Fine Arts Newsletter October 2018

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Compiled by Annetta Kapon.


Alum JANET JENKINS ’94 with Julia Paull had an exhibition “Increasing the Magnitude of a Property” at Custom Cabinets in Los Angeles from November 9 – 11, 2018

Alum JACOB MELCHI’S ’03 ::JACOB'S WEST:: is a pop-up project space now hosting the group exhibition Los Angeles Notebook that opens November 10 and will run through December 8th 2018. It's organized by Jacob Melchi and Spencer Carmona.

Alum ELIF ERKAN ’16 showed her work What Is It That Possesses Me? at Weiss Berlin from October 20 2018.

Alum RAKSHA PAREKH ’04 and MFA faculty RENEE PETROPOULOS are in the exhibition SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN at Kellogg and Huntley Art Galleries of Cal Poly Pomona from November 6, 2018 to March 17, 2018.

Alum ED GOMEZ ’03 is showing his work in SPECTER OF DOCUMENTATION at Durden and Ray from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3, 2018

Alum RACHEL WOLFE ‘15 had work from her book ESPLA published and reviewed in Square Magazine.

MFA faculty KADE TWIST of Music Research Strategies’ had an Ensemble performance with Bill Roper (tuba), Marshall Trammell (electronics with amp, and assorted small instruments) and Mogauwane (assorted percussion and kalimbas) on October 18 at LACE in Lo Angeles.

RACHEL WOLFE ’15 had a solo exhibition of Bevegelsene at Vérité in October for Collective Oslo Art and Fashion Festival at Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway.

Alum RACHEL WOLFE ‘15 had a video interview of Elina Panea, Norwegian artist and activist, featured in news spot in BBC Worldnews in October 2018.

Alum KRISTIN MOORE ’17 had one of her paintings published on Tribeza Magazine in Austin TX.

art work: buildings and cranes against a pink sky

Promotional notice for BBC show about a Norwgian teen fighing the government over Artic Oil


Alum AMANDA KATZ’S ’14 Bookshelves Residency presents Ana Iwataki’s installation for open for reading, translating, and digesting at 3307 W Washington Blvd through November 30th, 2018.

In conjunction with the 57th Carnegie International MARK X FARINA ’18 is exhibiting in the show “Work on Your Tan" opening October 12th at 5167 Butler St, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Alums ANDREW K. CURREY ’14, MATT CARTER ‘10, MICHELLE CHONG ‘06, KRISTY BALTEZORE ‘15, DAVID DEL FRANCIA ‘14, CHRISTINA HENDERSHAW ‘12, DELIA PEREZ SALINAS TIJERINA ‘15, MARISSA JOHNEN ‘14, YASMIN THAN ‘15, KATIE THOMA ‘13, NATHAN GULICK ‘18, ALLISON PECK ‘14 and JOHN WESTON ‘07 took part in a one-day exhibition called “Still Figuring out a Title” curated by David del Francia in Koreatown on Sunday Oct 7, 2018.

Poster announcing an art exhibition titled 'Still Figuring Out a Title'
Still Figuring Out a Title


Alum RAUL BALTAZAR ‘13 took part in Regeneración: Three Generations of Revolutionary Ideology at Vincent Price Art Museum from SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 - FEBRUARY 16, 2019.

MFA FA Assistant Chair ANNETTA KAPON and faculty RENEE PETROPOULOS are in the group exhibition HERE at LAMAG (Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery) from October 15 to January 6, 2018.

Alum RANDI GANULIN ’96 received a commission for Heaven and Earth X, to be installed at Seattle’s Carkeek Park August 20th through October 22nd. She will take part in the exhibition Center Forward at the Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, CO.

MFA Assistant Chair ANNETTA KAPON’S Proxy Gallery hosted a solo exhibition “Extrusion/Extraction” by alum TAYLOR TSCHIDER October 1-31, 2018.

Art work with mud and twigs


MFA FA-A+SP faculty KADE TWIST (part of POSTCOMMODITY) showed his work in Pittsburgh’s 57th Carnegie International, from Oct. 13 through March 25, 2019, at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Postcommodity was awarded the Fine Prize for the 57th Carnegie International. Grads AMEERA DAAOOD, DEREK PRADO and MARIA LAURA HENDRIX were commissioned by the museum to create an event score in collaboration with three graduate students from San Francisco Art Institute.

Two art pieces by Sabine Dehnel
Sabine Dehnel

Two art pieces by Sabine Dehnel
Sabine Dehnel


Alum RACHEL WOLFE ’15 received an honorable mention in the ND Photo Awards, Conceptual Fine Art category. WOLFE also has 3 upcoming exhibitions in Oslo Norway on September 20 with two installation works, and October 12-13.

Card announcing an exhibition by Rachel Wolfe
Rachel Wolf


Alum JANET DANDRIDGE ‘16 will be travelling back to Paris in October 2018 as an officially recognized Institut Francais 2018 Artist Laureate, to complete the project collective finds of inanimacy.

Alum RANDI GANULIN ’96 installed “Arterial,” at Amazon in downtown Seattle, part of Shunpike's Storefronts project. She also exhibited ten Paired Disaster pieces at Blue Sky Gallery Photography Viewing Drawers in Portland through March 2019.

MFA Assistant Chair ANNETTA KAPON’S Proxy Gallery will host a solo installation “Mirror” by ROBIN MITCHELL November 1-30, 2018.

Abstract art piece where blues predominate