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Visiting Artists

Celebrated Graphic Designers and Artists to Converge for the 7th annual Design Week 2017

Design Week, 2017

Design Week is a series of workshops that pair incoming and current Otis College MFA students with internationally recognized visiting designers who exemplify alternative practices. In teams, the students and designers partner with Los Angeles-based community organizations, offering solutions to their real-world design needs. 

2017 Visiting Designers Lectures:

    •    Luna Maurer of Moniker, Amsterdam (
    •    Stephanie Specht, Antwerp (
    •    Davis James Ngarupe + JT Heiny of Actual Source, Provo Utah (
    •    Tereza Rullerova and Vit Ruller of The Rodina, Amsterdam (
    •    James McKinnon, Berlin (
    •    Santiago Piedrafita, New York Pratt Institute (
    •    Mike Jakab of Google, Mountain View (
    •    Antlant, Copenhagen, (

The 2017 workshops were lead by internationally recognized designers Luna Maurer of Moniker, James McKinnon along with Santiago Piedrafita, and design studio Antlant from Copenhagen. 
The new Designer-in-Residence program was launched at the Design Fair and nine studios temporarily relocated to Otis College with a focus on self-generated projects, taking advantage of the campus facilities and culture, and engaging the MFA students. 

Designer-in-Residence Participating Studios:
Senior Residents
    •    All the Way to Paris, Copenhagen; Petra Gendt, Tanja Vibe (
    •    Agency Collective, Oakland; Elisabeth Prescott, Mike Jakab (
    •    Mike Jakab of Google, Mountain View (
    •    Jan en Randoald, Ghent; Jan Wouter Hespeel (

Junior Residents
    •    Actual Source, Provo; Davis James Ngarupe, JP Haynie (
    •    Bold, Galway; Leon Butler (
    •    Dad Jokes, New York; Nic Sanchez, Allison Ball (
    •    The Rodina, Amsterdam; Tereza Ruller, Vit Ruller (
    •    Specht Studio, Antwerp; Stephanie Specht (

The MFA Graphic Design summer session at Otis College is supported in part by The Consulate General of the Netherlands.

Recent Visiting Artists and Designers

Danielle Aubert
Stuart Bailey
Peter Bil’ak
Rick Poynor
Michael Bierut
Jeff Keedy
Sara De Bondt
Keetra Dean Dixon
Emory Douglas
Hansje van Halem
Jan & Randoald
Harmen Liemburg
Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan
Pinar & Viola
Maki Suzuki
James Goggin
Ludovic Balland
Gail Swanlund
Team Thursday

Design Week 2017

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