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Amelia Rosselli, War Variations

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Because I do not hope ever to return to the city of beauty here I am back inside myself. Because I do not hope ever to find myself again, here I am back between walls. Heavy and dull walls shut in the prisoner.


Translated from the Italian by Lucia Re and Paul Vangelisti,
with an Introduction by Lucia Re

Amelia Rosselli (1930–1996) was an Italian poet. She was the daughter of Marion Cave, an English political activist, and Carlo Rosselli, who was a hero of the Italian anti-Fascist Resistance and co-founder, with his brother Lello, of the liberal socialist “Justice and Liberty” movement. Following her father and uncle’s assassination by La Cagoule (the secret services of the Fascist regime) while the extended family was living in exile in France in 1937, the family moved between England and the United States, where Rosselli was educated. Rosselli returned to Italy in 1949, eventually settling in Rome. She spent her life studying composition, music, and ethnomusicology and taking part in the cultural life of postwar Italy as a poet and literary translator. Her literary output includes verse and prose in English and French as well as Italian. She committed suicide in 1996.

  • ISBN: 978-0-9860836-1-7
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  • Published 2016
  • 376 pages

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