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Ari Samsky, The Capricious Critic: Essays and Dispatches

 Seismicity Editions: Catalog   THE DUEL! Who has not, in his private moments, imagined himself taking the field of honor against an obstreperous line-cook or an insolent busboy? Who hasn’t entertained a thousand scenarios of gentlemanly vengeance against a rude maitre d’ or a slatternly waitress? WHO, awakening from his reveries at work or at home has not found himself brandishing a bloody wine bottle, his sanguinary fingers grasping for the phantasmagoric throat of an inconsiderate cafeteria worker or a surly drive-through cashier? WHO?   Ari Samsky was editor-in-chief of The Nassau Weekly at Princeton, where he earned a PhD in cultural anthropology. His research has taken him to Switzerland, France, and Tanzania. He has written short fiction and essays for several literary magazines, and he contributes regularly to the website Splice Today. He teaches at the University of Iowa, Iowa City.   Interview: With Russ Smith in Splice Today ISBN: 978-0-9796177-6-8 Price: $12.95 Published 2010 234 pages Buy The Capricious Critic: Essays and Dispatches