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Norberto Luis Romero, The Obscure Side of the Night


I know what really happened.

I read in the fat man’s annals my mother’s memory and my false father’s words:

“Watch out for the yellow amatory gloves. At times they escape from the confines of the fat man and seduce innocents with their games and caresses. Watch out not to walk near the confines of the fat man because the guardian gloves, dark and shiny as thrushes, lurk in abandoned hiding places and waylay them.”


Translated from the Spanish by H.E. Francis.

Norberto Luis Romero was born in Argentina and is now a citizen of Spain. He writes a wide range of fiction – from realistic to extreme fantasy. Romero won the first Noega Award for Short Fiction, from Asturias, for his book of stories Transgressions. Since then, he has published two other collections – Canción de cuna para una mosca doméstica (Candlesong for a Domestic Fly) and El momento del unicornio (Last Night of Carnival). He has published five novels and his stories have been published in Canada and the United States. Romero has worked in advertising, is a specialist in animated cartoons, and has worked in the film industry in Argentina.

  • ISBN: 978-0-9860173-8-4
  • Price: $12.95
  • Published 2015
  • 96 pages

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