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Free Arts Education Professional Development for K-12 Teachers at Otis College

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Halley Sutton

Lifelong learning is an important part of Otis College of Art and Design. In that spirit, local primary and secondary education teachers have the opportunity to take free professional development courses and workshops for integrating arts into the rest of their education curriculum this fall at Otis College.

“We’re looking to enhance the ability of K–12 teachers to integrate the arts into their curriculum and classroom, and help them feel comfortable in the area of the arts,” said Inez Bush, Director of Pre-College Programs and Professional Development at Otis College. Waiving the tuition fee is the college's way of giving back to the educational community, by helping to provide those access points for teachers, who will, in turn, provide it for students. “The more access and passion teachers have for the arts, the more they will instill it in their students,” Bush said. 

Guiding the Portfolio Process for Teachers, taught by Jeanie Frias, provides educators with key strategies in guiding their students’ art and design portfolio to stand out in the admissions process. Through a series of exercises, demonstrations, and discussion, this workshop addresses how students can take their portfolio to the next level, develop and share their perspective, which will help boost their confidence and ability to speak about their work. As a former admissions counselor for Otis College, Ms. Frias has extensive knowledge and understanding of portfolio requirements for art school admissions. She specializes in mentoring young artists towards their goal of successful application to the art college of their choice.

Learn more about Guiding the Portfolio Process for Teachers page and see full details on how to waive tuition. Are you a student looking for portfolio help? Check out Frias' course designed just for you - Preparing Your Portfolio for College.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash