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L.A. = Creative Capital of the World

LA as creative capital

Huffington Post featured L.A.'s creative economy, citing growing employment in digital media and self-employed entrepreneurs evidenced by the Otis Report on the Creative Economy. John M. Eger, Chair of Communications and Public Policy and Director of the Creative Economy Initiative, San Diego State University, states:

"L.A. knows better than most regions that its future increasingly depends on the "creative sector" for jobs, wealth and well being; and that the future of its economy requires more young people to have the new thinking skills the workplace demands. Although the funding is not yet in place, and it isn't clear where it will come from, L.A. is forging ahead with city and county financial support, grants, contracts and philanthropy where it can get it."

Using P.S. Arts, Inner-City Arts, and Arts for All as examples, he believes that "The California Arts Council (CAC), the California Alliance for Art Education (CAAE), the county superintendents association (CCSESA) and the Department of Education (DOE) know how important art education is to the future of LA, and the entire State and are working to create a "Blueprint for Creative Schools."