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Erica Gibson for Bottega Louie

Bottega Louie’s colorful packaging and design have become synonymous with the brand's gourmet offerings, thanks in part to senior art director Erica Gibson (’09 Communication Arts).

Known for their macarons and candy-colored marketplace, Los Angeles’ Bottega Louie needed just the right packaging for a new mix-and-match line of chocolates. 

In packaging design, every visual and tangible detail matters, being off by a millimeter changes the entire fit of the package. As with any creative brief she receives, Erica started with the basics. At Otis College, she gained a keen understanding of color, form, and space which enabled her to create meticulous mock-ups. "“I loved studying form and space during Foundation year," said Gibson. "Everything from the hands-on skills to the critical thinking, to the construction of things is helpful for the work I do now."

Erica's boxes beautifully demonstrated the Bottega Louie brand and led to a successful launch. However, the designer is not slowing down; she has brought in fellow Otis alumna, Mary Smudde (’11 Communication Arts), to continue shaping the company’s vision through ongoing limited-edition packaging.