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Meet Daveion Thompson (BFA Digital Media, Motion Design ‘17)

“I hear a lot of sermons about my generation and how my generation needs saving. It’s like, ‘Oh, the millennials are lost, they don’t know what they’re doing’,” says Daveion Thompson (BFA Digital Media, Motion Design ‘17). “So I wanted to do something that showcased these youth experiences that determine who we will become.”

Although Daveion majored in Digital Media, his senior exhibition included fashion and a video (see below) bearing the message “God Save the Youth.” As he explains, “If we don’t go through anything, we don’t learn anything, and if we haven’t sinned or done anything to learn from, then we will be easily breakable.” Daveion, who is now a junior art director at Johannes Leonardo in New York City, says that his education prepared him to work in a variety of media. “Otis College taught me the design principles, and I transfer them to whatever medium... it all intertwines with each other.”

God Save The Youth from Daveion Thompson on Vimeo.