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Otis at the 2014 AICAD Symposium

Distinguished Otis faculty and staff participated in the 2014 Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Symposium, "New Paradigms 2.0: Art and Design as Collaborative Action," held at Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. 
Interim President Kerry Walk, Acting Provost Randy Lavender, and Special Projects Coordinator Meg Linton attended, along with faculty and staff members who gave presentations as part of the symposium program.

Adjunct Professor of Architecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Chava Danielson presented “Beyond the Master Class: Integrating Visiting Artists/Designers with Curricula.” The talk highlighted Otis’ Donghia Designer-in-Residency, which is hosted by the A/L/I program and introduces internationally celebrated designers to Otis students and the L.A. community at large. 

Associate Professor of Product Design and Creative Action Patricia Kovic shared “Neighbor-Gap-Bridge: Empathy-Driven, Community-Informed Education in a Knowledge Economy,” which explored a unique Otis course that features an empathy-driven, community-informed art and design process that builds bridges to ideas for a better world. 

Director of Creative Action Richard Shelton presented “Serving the Community from the Core: Expanding the Boundaries of Traditional Art Education.” His lecture featured Otis’ Creative Action program’s compelling social and environmental focus on problems and solutions through collaborative art and design within local, regional, national, and international communities. 

Professor of Product Design and Creative Action Joan Takayama-Ogawa gave the talk “Made in AICAD: 3-D Printing, Ceramic Decal Printing, and Clay,” conveying the ironic story of Otis’ notable history with the medium of clay, an ancient form-making technology, and the College’s early and equally committed adoption of 3-D printing, a remarkably contemporary fabrication technology.