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Painting the Untold Stories of Los Angeles

Meet Noah Humes (BFA Communication Arts, Illustration ‘17)

Los Angeles native Noah Humes’, (BFA Communication Arts, Illustration ‘17) work straddles the line between fine art and illustration, with a particular focus on depicting Black history and culture. At Otis College, he found the freedom to tell untold stories and develop his signature style.

At the Annual Exhibition, he showed a series of paintings that explore the life of Lovell Moore, the “Crenshaw Cowboy,” a homeless artist who entertains passersby with inspiring quotes and dance moves. “We all have a story,” Noah says. “With this series of images I am highlighting a story and all the aspects that led up to where he is now.” Noah’s work is influenced by the art of the Harlem Renaissance, and he translates its color and dynamism into a 21st-century context.

“Otis College is about experiencing new things and touching on things that are unfamiliar. I was able to go into mid-city Los Angeles, where I’m from, and dig deep and really experience what’s happening in that area. This man opened his life to me. Interviewing Lovell was my first time I sat down with someone to listen, understand, and portray their story through a series of images. To be able to share it through my own visual language was a great experience,” says Noah.

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