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Claire Pettibone Translates Her Romantic Gowns into Jewelry

After falling in love with fashion design, Claire Pettibone honed her craft at Otis College and wove vintage elegance into a lifelong career. The daughter of two Otis College alumni, Pettibone was born a true romantic with design in her blood. Enchanted by vintage aesthetics, she channeled that inspiration into her own designer lingerie line, which was soon picked up by department stores around the world. She followed that success with the creation of a couture bridal collection, further developing the reaches of her vintage-inspired lifestyle brand.

Her next career challenge would take shape in an immensely significant yet incredibly tiny piece: a ring. Approached by vintage jewelry company Trumpet and Horn, Pettibone was asked to create a suite of engagement rings as unique as her wedding gowns. Only she had just six months to get it done for bridal fashion week in New York.

Having continuously developed projects on tight deadlines while studying fashion design at Otis College, she went back to the drawing board and to her design foundations. Seeking the best way to adapt her brand into a new medium, she found inspiration in the very fabric of her gowns. Elements of lace, hints of embroidery and fluid lines brought the collection of rings together. “Otis is a great entry point into the fashion industry," said Pettibone. "You work with mentors who are leaders in the industry, and meet potential future employers—they are very hands on with placing students after graduation.”

This year, Pettibone returns as the mentor - guiding students through a design assignment of her own creation. Under her direction, students will design a lingerie collection to be presented at the Annual Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show.