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Three Fashion Design Juniors Receive Scholarships from Fashion Scholarship Fund

Brittney Sabet, Natalie Fonseca, and Indica Kalivoda Recognized at Gala in NYC

Brittney Sabet ('18 Fashion Design), Natalie Fonseca ('18 Fashion Design), and Indica Kalivoda ('18 Fashion Design/Costume Design) have each received a $5,000 scholarship from YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF), the premier educational fashion non-profit in the United States. YMA FSF seeks to identify and create career opportunities for young people worldwide and invest in the future of the fashion industry. All three students attended the 2017 Fashion Scholarship Fund Awards Gala in New York City on January 12, 2017. 

Fashion Scholarship Fund winners

Natalie Fonseca, YMA FSF Executive Director Doug Evans, Indica Kalivoda, and Brittney Sabet at the YMA FSF Gala. 

The scholarship challenge was to create a brand that would fit into the retail partnership between Etsy and Macy's. Since the largest customer base for both brands is women, all three scholarship winners started there, placing their personal spin on lingerie and sportswear. Each young designer created a distinct brand presentation including customer analysis, company mission and values, mock-ups of labels, and fabric samples.

"I pushed the sustainability aspect because it is a win/win for the planet and the customer," said Natalie Fonseca of her sustainable lingerie line, Eterna. Indica Kalivoda was inspired by the intricate patterns in butterfly wings for her sportswear collection Metamorphosis, a riff off one of her designs for mentor MICHI. These in-depth presentations were all done in addition to the students' regular coursework and designing for the 2017 mentor projects. The dedication paid off however, says Brittney Sabet, "You're able to tell, the love that went into it. I think they (the YMA FSF) were able to see my excitement and the belief I had in my vision."




The Fashion Design program at Otis College trains students in all aspects of the design process, offering a fully accredited BFA degree. The school year follows the industry schedule and several seasons are designed simultaneously. Working with professional mentors, students learn far more than drawing, sewing, and pattern making skills: they experience all facets of the industry, and they learn to meet deadlines with creativity and self-discipline. Graduates enter the profession as assistant designers, associate designers, illustrators, costume designers, textile designers, accessory designers, and product designers. Some start their own clothing lines immediately upon graduation.

Top Photo: Christian Alvarez
Presentation images: Courtesy of the designers