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"Women's Show": An Exploration of History in a Post-Women's March World

MFA Students and Faculty Exhibit at FAR Bazaar on Jan 28

"We want to recognize a collective history that includes women, even as the art world continues to struggle with gender equality on both gallery and museum walls and in institutional positions," writes co-curators Henderson Blumer ('16 MFA Fine Arts) and Suzanne Zoe Joskow ('17 MFA Fine Arts). "In the year 2017, the stakes for women in Southern California and this country are profound. During this past year, women's bodies and identities have been put on display and under attack. Women marched on Washington and around the country, as a man who bragged about assaulting women was sworn in as president. And thus, the idea of "24 Women Artists" still resonates and provokes."

In a space slated for demolition, Blumer and Joskow are re-examining the past and posing questions of their own in Twenty Four Southern California Women Artists 1977 / 2017 opening on January 28 at the FAR Bazaar art festival.

Held at the aging fine arts complex at Cerritos College, FAR is celebrating its fortieth year and the last exhibition of the mid-century space before it's demolition in February. The location gives each exhibiting collective a chance to transform and exhume the space and its history freely. It was the complex's art gallery that originally presented Twenty Four Southern California Women Artists" in January of 1977. The show included artists such as Lita Albuquerque, Nancy Youdelman, and alumna Gloria Kisch ('69 Fine Arts). For Blumer and Joskow, this provided the call to which they and their fellow artists would respond. Recently recommended by Art and Cake and Hyperallergic the FAR Bazaar 2017 staging will feature graduate students and faculty from Otis College and will take place in the same gallery space, exactly four decades later.

24 Women Artists 2017

L: Catalogue image from 1977, featuring the work by Gloria Kisch ('69 Fine Arts) R: Catalogue image from 2017 featuring work by current MFA student Deb Adams-Welles, responding to Kisch's work with a floor installation. 

Viewers will be prompted with questions, created out of studio visits with the participating artists, which will act as their guide. The artists, who are not limited by gender, and the questions, which may not have concrete answers, are part of the ongoing dialogue with the work and context. The show is not simply a restaging or tribute; it is an exploration, as the curatorial statement suggests, "all artists must contend with what came before us." 

Twenty Four Southern California Women Artists 1977 / 2017 will be on view January 28-29, 2017 at Cerritos College from 10am - 10pm each day. For more information, visit the event page. The FAR Bazaar, is an alternative art fair, highlighting the work of the art collectives, artist-run spaces, and local art schools.

Exhibiting Artists: Deb Adams-Welles, Kiara Alvarado, Sydney Aubert, Robert Begley, Amanda Benefiel, Henderson Blumer, Shirin Bolourchi, Will Bryant, Liz Cardman, Jocelyn Casas, Heejung Choi, Austyn de Lugo, Dana Duff, Mark x Farina, Irene Flately, Nathan Gulick, Suzanne Joskow, Annetta Kapon, Alex Kay, Raghubir Kintisch, Lucas McDaniel, Renée Petropoulos, Karim Shuqem, Emily Thorpe, and Gina Valona.

Images: Courtesy of Suzanne Zoe Joskow