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Technology Support

Technology SupportThe College has implemented several new technology initiatives to increase access to lab computers (both on campus and remotely). In order to adhere to physical distancing guidelines within our classrooms, lab computers have been positioned a minimum of six feet apart. These measures mean that only half the computers will be available for in-person use once the campus re-opens for in-person instruction. The remainder of the computers will be available for remote access from off campus. If classes remain all-online, all campus computers will be accessible remotely, as they were in the Fall semester. We are offering two services that provide an overall increase in accessibility to technology resources.

The first initiative utilizes third-party tools—supported by Otis free of cost to students and faculty—to remotely connect to an idle computer in the existing labs with any personal device. This service allows for students and faculty to use any Mac, PC, tablet, or mobile phone to connect to a lab computer and gain the full functionality of the workstation remotely. Since the computing power remains on campus, students don’t need to invest in any additional hardware or software and can leverage the institution’s technology resources remotely without physically coming to campus. 

As a second initiative, the College provides a cloud-based service that offers additional virtual workstations. This service provides students and faculty an increase in the number of available computing resources. Both these options grant students and faculty unlimited access to our current licensed software, such as Solidworks, Rhino3D, Cinema4D, Maya, AutoCAD, Houdini, and VRay, to name a few.

Otis College also has rolled out a new technology initiative starting in the fall 2020 semester that requires incoming first year students to own a laptop that meets the minimum system specifications for software used in the Foundation year. Otis has partnered with hardware and software providers to offer discounts for students. Details of the program are available at

For connecting to a Mac lab, please use the Splashtop Business instructions. To connect to a HP Windows lab, use the Sassafras and VPN instructions. If you have not already done so, you must request VPN access to use these instructions. (All faculty currently teaching a computer course and all students have automatically been granted VPN access.)  If you are not a computer faculty or a student and would like access please email

Instructions for use of Splashtop, which provides access to the on-campus MAC labs may be found here.

Instructions for use of Sasssafrass, which provides access to the on-campus PC labs may be found here

Availability of Labs for Homework: A select number of labs are available for homework. Please do not access a lab when a class is being held, as it will cause someone in the class to be without a workstation. To find out which labs are available for homework and when, please see this Homework Availability document. All labs are available after 10:00 p.m. and all day on Sundays.