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OARS Initiative Grants

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Faculty Research Grants in Support of Teaching Excellence and Assessment Practices


Grants are offered through the Otis Assessment Research & Scholarship Initiative (OARS)

Assessment has always been a vital part of an arts’ education but a process that is not always visible to students and external audiences. To address WASC standards in the area of teaching and learning for our upcoming re-accreditation process, and in support of faculty teaching excellence and student success, all faculty members are encouraged to research and experiment with teaching methodology and related assessment practices their courses and document the results.

The goal of OARS is to encourage faculty research in arts pedagogy and assessment, and to support faculty members in sharing results with colleagues to improve student learning and serve as a teaching resource for colleagues. Such research activities also serve as Contributions to the College in the faculty advancement system. The OARS initiative seeks to build faculty knowledge and interest in teaching effectiveness as evidenced through simple assessment practices. OARS projects will enhance and promote a culture of evidence and community of pedagogical practice at Otis. As Chase, et al. (2014) argue, the scholarship and practice of assessment in the creative disciplines is “at an exciting stage of development as leaders attempt to provide evidence-based arguments for the relevance of the creative disciplines and simultaneously articulate and address some of the challenges of assessment in the creative disciplines.”

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