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Bruce Yonemoto: Simulations

Aug 3, 2009
August 13 - September 3, 2009
Spotlight Category: Exhibition

Excerpted from an essay by Carole Ann Klonarides for OMAG 5:
Bruce Yonemoto ('79, OTIS MFA Fine Arts) has long been on a quest to re-present the reality borne out of a multitude of fictions experienced through the filters and layers of mass media. His single-channel videos, installations and photographic works consistently explore issues of representation and identity, and the fabrication of memory. To celebrate its 90th anniversary (in 2008), Otis commissioned Yonemoto to produce and premiere a new installation titled "Simulations." The title is a nod to French philosopher/theorist Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007), and his influential 1983 essay, published by Semiotext(e)'s new Foreign Agents Series. Yonemoto agrees with Baudrillard that we live in a world where Disneyland exists to make us believe that outside of the fantasy park is reality, when in fact, America is a Disneyland. In writing about "Simulations," Yonemoto describes his desire to recreate a childhood icon as "a hyper-real representation of Disneyland's Matterhorn thus finally making Disney's mountain the allegorical referent, the "real" Matterhorn of our collective memory."

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