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Apr 28, 2012
April 28 – July 7, 2012
Spotlight Category: Exhibition

Curated by Meg Linton and John David O’Brien. Poets selected by Graduate Writing Chair Paul Vangelisti.

Meticulosity features the work of 11 Southern California based artists and 3 poets who work in genres ranging from painting to installation and ceramica and digital formats. Artists: Tanya Batura, Hilary Brace, Eileen Cowin, Linda Hudson (faculty member), Gegam Kacherian, Sandeep Mukherjee ('96), Ross Rudel, Linda Stark, Arthur Taussig, Elizabeth Turk, Samira Yamin. Poets: Guy Bennett, Dennis Phillips, Martha Ronk

The title Meticulosity references both the technical/formal approach of the artists and the spiritual focus of their creative efforts — their tenacity and continuity. The premise for Meticulosity is that these artworks are created in a meditative mode or through a trance-like process, and that the painstaking exactitude expressed by these works is intended for the viewer to perceive along with the work's conceptual values. We connect that visual meticulousness to a sense of the ineffable or that which is beyond words, and to the meaning of beauty.

Our interest is in bridging the way in which the conceptual and the visual seem to have diverged. The thoughtfulness (a conceptual dimension) of the geometric underpinnings in a Piero della Francesca painting such as “The Flagellation” are not in any way contradicted by the meticulously beautiful surfaces he has painted (a purely visual dimension). As curators, our self-appointed task was to avoid preclusions on either side of this divide. We are presenting exceptionally thoughtful artwork where the visual acuity is as important as the originating idea, and have selected a variety of genres to underscore the plurality of our point of view.

—Co-curators Meg Linton and John David O’Brien


This project is sponsored in part by the Otis Board of Governors, and supported in part by the Pasadena Art Alliance.


Saturday, April 28, 4 6pm
Opening Reception with live music by MUSE

Saturday, June 9, 11am
Tour with Co-curators Meg Linton and John David O'Brien and the artists

Saturday, June 16, 2pmm
Reading with poets Guy Bennett, Dennis Phillips, and Martha Ronk


Workshops are offered through Continuing Education. For more information, see

Introduction to Woodcarving with Ross Rudel Saturdays, June 2-August 2, 2–6pm

Paper-Cutting with Samira Yamin Sunday, June 3, 10am–4pm

Writing for Artists with Samira Yamin Saturdays, June 2-August 4, 10am–1pm


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