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Labs and Shops

Lab Example

                                          Residency participant Juliana Coles working in the Ahmanson Printmaking Lab

Otis College facilities include: Painting Studios, Photography Lab, Lighting Studio & Green Screen, Video Lab, Laboratory Press, Wood, Model and Metal Shops, Printmaking Lab, Sculpture Studio, Ceramics Studio, and more. To learn more about our facilities, please check out Labs and Shops.

Artist Studios

Studio           Studio Example

   Studio example in the Galef Center for Fine Arts                            Another semi-private studio in the Galef Center

Each artist or designer, when applicable, will be given their own dedicated, semi-private, 24-hour access studio space. Each studio measures approximately 8 feet by 8 feet. Please refer to the above images to view an example of last year's studio set up. There will be power and additional lighting available based on need. We also ask that you include your plans for your time at the L.A. Summer Residency in your application so an adequate space for your needs can be provided.


Housing Room

During your time at the L.A. Summer Residency, you will be housed in the new Otis College Residence Hall. The Residence Hall is located on the Otis College campus, minutes from your studio as well as Otis College's labs and shops. 

You will be sharing a traditional quad suite with one other artist/designer during your stay. Each quad has two self-contained, unique keycard bedrooms. You will share a common space along with the bathroom with one other Resident.

Included in your stay are linens and towels, however, you may want to bring your own for your comfort. Each floor contains coin-operated laundry facilities and a Resident Advisor to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. When checking in, you will be given a unique keycard that gives you access to the Residence Hall along with your meals at the Otis College dining commons.