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Parme Giuntini: 2016-17 Faculty Development Grant Report

SECAC 2016

Cover of the SECAC 2016 Program Guide


The grant supported my attendance and presentation of the following paper at the Southeastern College Art Conference, in Roanoke, Virginia, October 2016.

I’m going to tell you the story of a somewhat rocky road to the adoption and implementation of a very successful format for an art history paper; one that is ideal for undergrads, especially in any introductory course. My department uses it for our two required first year courses: Introduction to Visual Culture and Birth of the Modern and that’s about 200 students a semester.

It’s called an “I Search” paper. ...
Competencies aside, I think that one of the unexpected advantages of the I Search format is that first year student papers stopped being so predictable, so formulaic, and so boring. They had much more interesting questions to ask, and were far more willing to read and write when they were in charge of the paper.

--Parme Giuntini
Adjunct Associate Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences

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