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FA Faculty at Photo LA

Jan 18, 2015
FA Faculty at Photo LA
Spotlight Category: Faculty

Photography Program Director Soo Kim participated in a panel at Photo LA on January 17.  Entitled The Print: An Unseen Labor of Love and Collaboration, the panelists discussed the transformation a work goes through from concept to completion, exposed the unseen labor and art of the photographic print, and challenged preconceptions about photography in a digital world. Faculty Lisa Ohweiler moderated.

In a related event, faculty Siri Kaur was on a the panel LA Book--Throwing the Book at Them: How and When a Photographer Should Self-Publish.  Art writer Shana Nys Dambrot led the panel that represented the artist, gallerist, and other perspectives. Topics included: Where to start and the relative merits of self-publishing and approaching indie/artisan presses; the merits of a book's relative scope and reach when it comes to larger series; the importance and possible downsides of making your own books when approaching galleries, museums, and collectors.