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Product Design Careers

There couldn't be a better time to be a product designer. Time Magazine reported that product design is one of the 15 hottest professions in terms of job growth and compensation. Product design has many of the same advantages as the more traditional creative professions. But the higher demand for product designers across a wider variety of industries means they are generally better compensated and have more employment opportunities. Today, there is an unprecedented demand for a new breed of product designer that has the creativity and skills to integrate technology into various types of consumer products, and to design for different industries. Never before has there been so much opportunity for the product designer to choose not only what to design or who to design for. The Product design graduate's diverse and rewarding career path is as wide as it is long. Many types of industries employ product designers, and the list is constantly growing. Moreover, nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies employ product designers or use their services.

Some of the industries that employ product designers

  • Home Products
  • Furniture Design
  • Medical Products
  • Office Products
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Sports Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Cosmetic Packagin
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Personal Care Products
  • Gift Industry
  • Publishing
  • Exhibit Design
  • Packaging

Otis Product Design Industry Partners Over the years our industry partners have played a crucial role in supporting the deparment and students through internships, jobs, mentoring and as advisors.