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How can I help the Purchasing Department?

Follow the Purchasing Procedures, and:

  • Plan ahead
  • Provide all available information on the Purchase Requisition
  • Be realistic about the required delivery date
  • Call Purchasing if there is a problem
  • Call Purchasing when in doubt

I need help to order an item. Who should I contact?

If you need help ordering an item because you do not know the right vendor, customization, etc., please contact Barbara Tecle at x6946.
If you are ordering computer equipment, you must contact the IS department first.

My item still hasn't arrived. Who should I contact?

Be patient. If the item should have arrived within a reasonable time period, contact Barbara Tecle at x6946.

The shipper says my package has been received. When will the package be delivered to my office?

The College orders many items, which may occasionally create a backlog for internal deliveries. We will deliver the item to you soon. Note that an item needs extra time (approx. 24 hours) to be transferred from the Goldsmith Campus to one of the satellite locations. If you need it sooner, please contact the Purchasing Agent at x6948.

I am going to be traveling on behalf of Otis. What do I need to do to get tickets and accommodations?

Coming soon.