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OfficeMax Partnership Policy

Otis College of Art and Design Program Announcement

After a thorough review of proposals and options, we are pleased to announce that Otis College of Art and Design and OfficeMax, a leader in office products, have entered into an innovative, strategic partnership that will add user convenience and save the college money on office supplies.

Highlights of the new program included:
  • Convenient and customized on-line ordering experience.
  • Approximately 55% contract cost savings on core list items (500 or more commonly purchased office supplies) for the college offices.
  • Proactive order notifications via e-mail acknowledgments.
  • No minimum orders.
  • Excellent customer service – 98% done in one call center
  • Ordering office supplies from your desk top by using the OfficeMax website at
  • On line OfficeMax browse catalog.
  • Next day delivery by a dedicated OfficeMax driver.
Establishing an OfficeMax Account:

Otis’s staff members who are responsible for ordering office supplies will be given website access after they complete the required forms:

1. Purchase Requisition Form – the not to exceed dollar amount per semester approved by the responsible Department Chair.
2. Authorizations for OfficeMax Account Form – fill out and have it signed by Department Head and submit to the Purchasing Department.

Completion of these forms will establish your account. Once your account has been established you will receive an e-mail confirmation from OfficeMax with your user name and password and a purchase order number from the Purchasing Department. As you make purchases the Purchasing Department and you will receive an email warning once you reach 80% of your budget against your purchase order. You will be able to continue to purchase up to your products up to 100%.

The OfficeMax online ordering program is to be used only for purchases authorized by the College’s contract and may not be used to make personal purchases. Any unauthorized purchase or inappropriate use of the account may result in the revocation of account privileges as well as possible further corrective action.

Non-contract items may be ordered through the Purchasing Department using a Purchase Requisition Form, as per past practice.

Changes to an OfficeMax Account:

Any changes to existing OfficeMax accounts, such as adding a new user, deleting a user, department or account codes, must be submitted to the Purchasing Department using the Authorization for OfficeMax Account Form.

Web Ordering Information:

You can order office supplies from your desktop by using the OfficeMax website at:

The price you see on-line is the price we pay.

Stock items ordered before 4 p.m. will usually be delivered to the user’s office the next business day.

Shipping and Receiving:

Once the order has been placed though OfficeMax, Purchasing and you will receive an email confirmation. The Purchasing Department will print out the email confirmation and match it to the packing slip and the purchase order.


Your order(s) from OfficeMax will be delivered to the Purchasing Department the next business day. All deliveries will be delivered by the Shipping and Receiving Mail Clerk after all verification of items is completed.

Returning OfficeMax Products:

Product returns can be processed online, and live online assistance is available when ordering. Once your return order has been placed via the OfficeMax website, the product(s) must be brought to the purchasing department along with the return confirmation from OfficeMax (include the written purchase order number on the confirmation). OfficeMax will pick up the returned product(s) the next business day.

Usage Report:

A monthly usage report will be submitted to the Director of Purchasing from OfficeMax. The report will be emailed to the Head of Departments for their review of all department orders.

OfficeMax Online Training:

The Purchasing Department will provide website training upon request, or you may access OfficeMax’s online tutorial at: A user’s guide is also available in PDF form.

Retail Connect Card:

OfficeMax has provided the campus faculty, staff, and students with a Retail Connect Card for personal use at any OfficeMax Stores with savings up to 55% off the contract items only. You will need to show your Retail Connect Card to the cashier before you check out.

This Retail Connect Card is a NON BILLABLE card.

Given the challenging economic times and tight budgets for higher education institutions, we believe this partnership not only provides clear benefits to the campus community, but also demonstrates another way that Otis is working to be financially responsible and a good steward of college funds.