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New Forum Request Policy

New Forum Room Request Policy


Purpose of the Forum:  To facilitate education delivery and public programming via lectures/visiting artist/writer series, workshops, screenings, events (Public Programs, Student Affairs, President’s office, IA, Foundation Forward, etc.).  Staffing will continue as per usual practice.  The new Forum space will be divisible; two spaces within the Forum are available, depending on size of expected audience(s).


Proposed New Forum Room Request Priorities:


Principles underlying relative prioritization:  Activities inherent to the educational mission are prioritized (those that most directly serve students’ interests in obtaining degrees), but need to be qualified in order of relative priority for hard scheduling purposes:  education delivery/course-related programing; gallery and public programming needs; student activities (co- and/or extra-curricular); trustee/donor events; President’s office; admissions; other users.


New Forum Room Request Priorities by Tier*


Tier III.

- LAS/Smart Classroom courses (if absolutely necessary based on enrollment (1,090 UG) in the weekday 8:00 – 11:00 slot only; the goal, however, is for regular classes not to be booked in the Forum)

- Regular Institutional Fixed Events (RIFEs)—Board of Trustees Meetings, New Student Orientations, Foundation Forward, Convocation, Annual Exhibition and/or Fashion Show, Town Meetings, Admissions Open House & Admitted Student Day, 2 New Student Receptions, Legacy Luncheon, Internship Fair


Tier II.

- Gallery/Pubic Programming events/workshops/activities

- Artists/Speakers/Writers/Film series—CE (Jikei Com, Film Noir course, the Visiting Artist Series, The Writer’s Series, the Donghia Lecture, Film Series, and Critic-in-Residence (if the Forum serves these—might need to stay at the Broad Stage or other more suitable off-campus venues)

 - IA/Donor Events


Tier I.

- Student Activities Events

- Admissions Events

- Conferences/Symposia (to be treated as RIFEs on an occasional basis if an institutional priority)

- College Community at large

- External Requests (Guests)


*Higher Tier bookings can supersede lower ones with min. 2 weeks’ notice, or as determined by the Senior Team.




Research and discussions leading to the above policy included:


The Provost’s office, Registrar, Director of Student Activities, Director Galleries and Exhibitions

Institutional Advancement (Chelsea), VP Finance and Administrative Services, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Continuing Education and Pre-College Programs, Michele Andrade (Admissions), The Senior Team.