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Summer In-Person Registration

Summer 2017 Registration

To Register - Log into Self Service; please follow each step in sequence!

Step 1: Advisement
  • Visit the One Stop (AHMN 204) to receive the Summer 2017 Registration Form.
  • See your Major Department Advisor to be advised, if you are taking a Creative Action or Foundation courses, please be advised by the appropriate department.
  • Summer LAS courses, do not need an approval signature.
  • For more information about Academic Advising, please click here.
Step 2: Check Financial Aid
  • Contact  the Financial Aid Office for Summer Financial Aid Information at
Step 3: Check Holds
  • Go to Self Service, Log in and select the Student Records Tab and click on View Holds.
  • Contact the appropriate department to have your Holds removed.
  • All Holds on your account must be removed BEFORE  you can register.

Step 4: Emergency Contact

  • Log in to Self Service, and select the Personal Records Tab, click Emergency Notification Phone Number. Please enter your phone number where you can be reached immediately.  This must be updated every semester.
  • Click on Updated Emergency Contacts and enter the requested information, then submit. You are required to enter at least one emergency contact person, but may enter more than one contact person.

Step 6: Payment (Deadline May 15th)


**Spring balances must be at $0.00 BEFORE registering for Fall  2016** - See more at:

**Spring balances must be at $0.00 BEFORE registering for Fall  2016** - See more at:

To check your Tuition Balance for Summer:

  • Bring your signed Registration Form to the One Stop (Room 204)

To make a payment:

  • Click the Student Records Tab, select the "Student Account/Payments/Charges/History" option and "Make Payment" link to pay by Electronic Check (no fee) or Credit Card (2.75% fee).
  • To enroll in an Installment Payment Plan: Click on the Student Records Tab, select "Student Account/Payments/Charges/History" and click on the link  Enroll in the Summer 2017 Payment Plan. Enrollment is required for each semester. (Payment plan not available for International Students).
  • Payments by phone are not accepted.
  • IMPORTANT: Once you have finalized your payment for summer, you must visit the Student Accounts Office to clear your account for Summer registration.
  • Payments must be finalized by May 15, 2017.

If you have any questions please contact the Student Accounts Office:

Step 7: In Person Registration

Begining May 15th

8:30am to 5pm

  • Take your signed Registration Form to the Otis One Stop to be registered for your classes.
Summer Undergraduate Classes begin Monday, May 22th.
Summer Graduate Graphic Design Classes begin Monday, June 12th.

Important Notes

If, after your best efforts, there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from registering before the registration deadline please contact Laura Kiralla,  Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Student Affairs: or (310) 665-6960, well before the deadline to discuss your situation.