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Housing Costs and Refund Policy

Housing Costs

All students sign a full academic year agreement. 

2019-20 Residence Hall Cost
Room Type Semester Cost Academic Year
Shared Room $5,350 $10,700
Private Room $10,700 $21,400

Students living in the Residence Hall are required to purchase a meal plan. 

2019-2020 Park West Housing Cost
Room Type Semester Cost Academic Year
Shared Apartment $5,900 $11,800
Private Apartment $11,800 $23,600

Students living at Park West are also required to pay a $300 damage deposit before moving in.

Housing  Refund Policy

The following schedule applies to the refund of Room Charges subject to the terms and conditions of the Student Housing Agreement.  Refunds due to students will be credited first to government-funded financial grants, loans and other aid. The remaining balance, if any, will be distributed to the student.

If you withdraw or take a leave of absence, and are completely moved out of the Residence Hall by 5:00pm on:

Refund Received:
Before classes begin 100%
Friday of the first week 90%
Friday of the second week 75%
Friday of the third week 50%
Friday of the fourth week 25%
After the fourth week 0%


2019-20 Meal Plan Costs

Meal Plan Fall Cost Spring Cost Full Academic Year
10 Meal Plan + $100 Dining Dollars $1,880 $1,740 $3,620
14 Meal Plan + $150 Dining Dollars  $2,520 $2,320 $4,840
17 Meal Plan + $150 Dining Dollars $2,900 $2,670 $5,570

The number of the meal plan represents the amount of meals a student has each week. 
All foundation students are required to have at least a 14 meal plan. 

Meal Plan Refund Policy

The day students move out of housing will determine the last day of a student's meal plan. A refund will be issued based on the remaining days left in the board plan.