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Roles and Responsibilities


The Provost is responsible for the Division of Student Learning and Success, which encompasses all aspects of academic and student life at Otis. These responsibilities are distributed among the following leaders:


Interim Provost




Kim Russo



Associate Provost
for Assessment
and Accreditation


Debra Ballard

Interim Provost’s Support Team


Carrie Malcom
Joanne Mitchell
Matthew Penkala



Academic Affairs Projects



Matthew Penkala


Areas of Responsibility


Academic Planning
Divisional Budgets and Space
Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
Administrative Systems Oversight
Department Administration Liaison 
Human Resources Liaison and Point Person for Faculty Affairs:
   Collective Bargaining
   Contact Hour Loads
   Faculty Development 
   Faculty Promotions
   Faculty & Staff Searches

Academic Research
Policies and Procedures
Student Conduct & Appeals 



Chief Accreditation Officer
Leadership in WASC and NASAD accreditation reporting & site visits
External Program Reviews
Assessment of Educational Effectiveness
Institutional, Program & Course Learning Outcomes
Criteria for Review (CFRs) and NASAD Competencies




Academic Project Management
Academic Research Support
Divisional Calendar
Academic Meeting Schedule
Assessment and External Program Review Support
Budget Planning Support
Administrative Systems Support
Web and Publications Support
HEOA Compliance
Travel and External Study

Assignments and Activities

Faculty Issues and Concerns 
Strategic Planning
Academic Advising & Mentoring
Blended and Online Learning
Academic Planning
New Program Development
Operations Management
Academic Searches
Campus Events
Assessment Support Services
Point Person for:
   College Systems
   Annual Exhibition
   Shops & Labs
   Academic Computing




Oversight of Assessment Activities, Cycles, and Related Processes
Report Writing and Submissions Preparation
Site Visit Planning and Oversight




Annual Awards Cycles
Annual Exhibition Support
Presentation Development
Program Review Coordination
Presidential Scholars Events

and Interfaces


Board of Governors
Senior Team
Budget Planning Committee
Academic Assembly
Chairs Council
Core Council
Faculty Senate
Student Learning and Success Team
Educational Planning Committee
Faculty Development Committee
Personnel Committee
Student Conduct



Assessment Committee
Core Council
Academic Assembly
Curriculum Committee
Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
Core Programs
Continuing Education and Pre-College Programs
Interdisciplinary Studies
Academic Standing





Business Office
Information Systems

Direct Reports


Interim Provost Support Team
Associate Provost for Assessment & Accreditation (vacant)
Department Chairs:
   Communication Arts
   Digital Media
   Fashion Design
   Fine Arts
   Liberal Arts & Sciences
   Product Design
   Toy Design
   Graduate Graphic Design
   Graduate Fine Arts
   Graduate Writing
   Creative Action: Integrated
   Library & Instructional
   Interdisciplinary Studies
   Academic Projects Manager
   Academic Advising
Executive Assistant



Liberal Arts and Sciences




Travel and External Study Coordinator