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Room Reservations

Room reservations for on campus meetings and events are made through an internet based application called Ad Astra Schedule.  For instructions on how to use primary functions of the system please see below.


How to Login to Ad Astra Schedule

Login Credentials: To login to Ad Astra Schedule you must have an Otis College username and password
1.  Click here to be re-directed to the Ad Astra Schedule website
2.  Enter your User Name and Password in the upper right hand corner of the webpage
3.  Click Login.  You will then be directed to the Ad Astra Schedule home page

How to View Calendars

1.  After logging in to Ad Astra Schedule click the "Calendars" tab
2.  Click the Scheduling Grids link
3.  Select a calendar from the "Choose Calendar" drop down menu on the right hand side of the webpage
4.  Select All Rooms from the Filter drop down menu or filter by selecting a specific building
5.  Search specific dates by clicking the calendar icon in the upper left hand corner of the page.  After selecting a date click the green refresh button next to the calendar icon

How to Make a Room Request

1.  After logging in to Ad Astra Schedule click the "Events" tab and select “Event Request”.  This will prompt a pop-up window where you will select Event Request Form.  From the drop down menu select the “Room Reservation Request Form” and click “Next”
2.  Fill out the Contact Information, Event Details, and Meeting Generator sections thoroughly
3.  To complete the Meeting Recurrence section select a Start Time and End Time using the drop down arrows.  Then select a date by clicking the desired date in the calendars provided.  Once the times and date have been selected click “Create”.  Your selection will appear in the “Meetings” section to the right.
4.  Under “Meetings” check the box next to your meeting date and select “Assign Rooms”.  Use the pop-up window to select a room.  You can also search for a room using the filter on the left hand side.
5.  Select an available by clicking on “Available”.  Selected rooms are highlight in green.
6.  Once you have selected your room(s) click “OK”. The window will close and you will see the room populated on the “Meetings” section
7.  Please review all information before submitting your request.  You cannot edit your request after it has been submitted.
8.  To submit the form click the Save icon at the top of the request form. You will then be redirected to the request confirmation page.

Note: The confirmation page is  a confirmation of the request ONLY.  Once you have requested a room the Registration Office will be notified.  Once your request has been approved you will receive an “Event Summary" notification email.

How to Make a Late Room Reservation Request

For last minute room requests (within 5 days of meeting/event) please submit a Late Room Reservation Request.  You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been approved/denied.


If you have any questions not answered above, please contact the Registration Office at