Character Development and Design for Animation, Comics, and Entertainment | Otis College of Art and Design
Character Development and Design

Learn how to develop and create characters for animation, games, concept art, and creature design. Emphasis is on developing characters with personality that express the personal style of the artist. Course covers introduction of comparative anatomy including age and gender, expression and posing, caricature vs realism, plus development of character descriptions and personality through written analysis, inquiry, introspection, and discussion. Using conventional and digital tools, students develop drawing skills while learning the elements and principles of design (shape, silhouette, variety, scale, unity, contrast), constructive drawing, and simplified drawing for production. Course covers professional skills and standards for preparing and submitting work including style guides and character model sheets, presentation, portfolio preparation, interaction and co-operation, and time management. Lectures include the historical impact of major character designers including Charlie Thoreson, Rebecca Sugar, and Naoto Ohshima.