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Alumni Start Custom Body Art Studio Fever Paint

May 3, 2012
Spotlight Category: Alumni
Justine Serebrin (’07 Fine Arts)

Samitra Borhanpour (’07 Communication Arts)

Fever Paint is an all-encompassing custom body art studio specializing in contemporary airbrush design and free-hand body painting. Our vision is to inspire and enhance the world through the ancient, ritualistic practice of body painting while revitalizing the body art industry in order to open the flood gates of creativity for all to indulge and participate in.
Starting up

We didn’t actually decide to “start our business” until after it had already become our business. The more events we worked on, the more apparent it became that we really had something that the world was craving. The potential growth for the business was very clear and the vision of its future seemed within our reach, so we went for it.
Biggest reward
Creating airbrush tattoos of band logos and other designs for people and fans nationally is one of the most fun jobs on the planet! We get to travel while experiencing festivals, shows, and all kinds of events first hand. We get to meet people all over the country, give them a little airbrush tattoo and make their day! Its exciting, fun and everyday is always different. It is definitely not your every day job. Painting on a living being is unlike any other canvas, which makes it so exciting. The fact that the work we do is so labor intensive and yet so temporary really creates a sense of appreciation for the moment and the work. Seeing our work come to life in the final product, whether it is in a music video, film, photograph or performance is truly magical.
Breakthrough moment

During our very first airbrush tattoo job at the KROQ Weenie Roast Music Festival, we created Metallica airbrush tattoos for the fans.  We had a constant line of people for the entire festival! Body art gets people excited and gives them a unique way to connect with and support what they love. Then last spring, we did all of the body painting for the Foo Fighter’s music video, Miss The Misery. We essentially animated body paint through stop-motion animation techniques by working with a team of amazing animators. Watching the final video really made us understand how powerful art is, and how the simple act of painting can be pushed to its max when you have the right team of artists working together with all of their heart.
Thank you, Otis!

Otis helped us present our work with a level of professionalism that we could not have achieved alone. We learned how to paint well, design well and most importantly how to communicate visually in order to sell our work effectively. Otis also connected me and Sami, as well as making all of our other professional connections happen. We got the opportunity to work with Metallica through Sami’s graphic design job at Warner Bros Records which she got through Otis, and our connection to the director of the Foo Fighters music video was through a friend we made at Otis. So basically with out Otis, we would be quite lost!