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Armed Services Veterans Become Otis Students

Spotlight Category: Student
“Do some research. Luckily Otis is a Yellow Ribbon School... so you’ll get a $200,000 education virtually for free.”
That is the advice that Justin Wilson (‘15) would give to other veterans looking to pursue a career beyond the military. After having served in the Navy for 12 years, Jason began practicing the art of tattooing. He soon found that his favorite tattoo artists had formal art training. Wanting to master his skill, Jason enrolled at Otis and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts. Currently, Jason is in the first year of the Graduate Writing Program where he is working on a short novel as well as his memoirs.  


Otis is proud to welcome armed services veterans who are interested in pursuing a career in art and design. Whether to set a new career path or refine skills learned in the armed forces, Otis provides a rigorous and supportive environment in which student vets are welcomed to launch the next phase in their careers. 

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Hear from more student Vets on why they chose to attend Otis, their experiences while in the program, and their aspirations for what's next:
Christopher Bach (‘18) served as a Gunner’s Mate in the Navy for 4 years. He had always loved to draw and spent hours while at sea sketching to pass the time. As of Spring 2016, he is studying Visual Effects in the Digital Media Department.
Samuel Chon (’18) was a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps for 5 years serving as a Crew Chief. As of Spring 2016, he is studying Concept Art and Animation in the Digital Media Department.
Nicholas Edinger (‘16) was a Corporal in the Marine Corps for 5 years, serving as a Combat Photographer. He is now a senior in the Digital Media Department focusing on Concept Art and Character Design for video games.
Marine Corps. Seargent Heather Golden (’16) who served as a public relations specialist is finishing her BFA degree in the Communication Arts department concentrating on corporate branding, and paper design.
Digital Media sophomore Evan Moinvaziri (‘18), who served in the Navy for 10 years as an Air Traffic Controller, is studying Animation and Motion Graphics.
Daniel Moore (’18) was in the Air Force for 10 years, serving as a Knowledge Operation Specialist. As of January ’16, he is a Sophomore in the Communication Arts Department studying Illustration, and developing a comic series.
Jeffrey Sanford (’18) was in the Air Force for 6 years, serving as an Imagery Analyst. As of Spring 2016, he is a Sophomore in the Digital Media Department at Otis, focusing on Story Development in video games.
Robert Spangle (‘16) was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, serving in Reconnaissance. He is a Senior in the Product Design Department at Otis, designing a line of travel goods and accessories. 
Otis proudly receives support from The Ahmanson Foundation for veteran student scholarships. To learn more visit the website of the Ahmanson Veteran Scholarship Initiative at Vetsback2college.comFor information about Veteran benefits, Otis’ Yellow Ribbon Program, and the G.I. Bill visit Financial Aid.