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Steering the Creative Process


After graduating from the Digital Media program, Ben Go (’00) joined innovative creative agency Brand New School. Working with clients such as Microsoft, Officemax, Toyota, and Target prepared Ben to face his greatest challenge to date.

Each year Honda launches their signature holiday promotion, and the $4 million television campaign was now Ben’s to direct.

Inspired by an Advent Calendar, Ben’s team created a wooden “Happy Honda House” with several tiny doors. Each door unveiled a Holiday vignette that merged fantasy and reality. His goal was to capture the feeling of joy and anticipation upon opening an Advent Calendar door and seeing a holiday treat. From the concept stage through final post production the project took 3 months to complete. Ben and his team, which included four other Otis graduates, were recently rewarded for their efforts when AgencySpy featured the piece.

At Otis, you will learn to lead as a problem-solver as well as a designer, taking on challenges and turning them into accomplishments.

“There are thinkers and there are doers. At Otis I learned how to be both.” — Ben Go