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Academic Awards 2017

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Academic Awards

An Otis education is widely known for its academic rigor and educational excellence.  The College recognizes the highest level of achievement with the Valedictory Award, Academic Excellence Awards, Distinction in Studio Awards, and Honors.

2017 Valedictory Award

Communication Arts: Graphic Design major Hana Siobhan O'Regan has been named Valedictorian of the Class of 2017. This award is bestowed annually on the member of the senior class whose work represents the pinnacle of academic excellence. This graduate wears a special medallion and gives an address at the Commencement ceremony. Hana was chosen for her consistently stellar academic performance throughout her Otis career and the exceptional quality of her work, which has focused on perfecting a craft and conveying a physical representation of time and energy while challenging well-known design concepts. She hopes to utilize her design to bring attention to the overlooked, the unconsidered, and the ignored.



Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California to a firefighting father and stay-at-home mom with a passion for sewing, Hana brought to Otis a strong urge fostered by parental encouragement to pursue art and design and the challenge of using complex computer design applications to produce work. She attributes her high level of drive and passion for graphic design to a personal desire to connect with people through her creations. “I think what drives me to excel is a simple desire to be proud of everything that I make . . . and aspiring to solve design problems in very attractive ways,” Hana explains. Recently, Hana had the pleasure of interning for Still Room Studio in downtown Los Angeles, where she contributed to signage for Current: LA Water and to design work for the contemporary arts center REDCAT and the Library Foundation. Being a self-proclaimed life-long “bookworm,” Hana cites a future goal of sharing her love for graphic design by creating things that people not only want to look at, but pick up and experience in a tactile way. She hopes to counter a presumed cultural condition dictating that everything is completed and consumed quickly by making work that encourages viewers to slow down, look longer, and contemplate.

In all these ways, and in so many others, Hana Siobhan O'Regan truly embodies the aspirations of the College. Samples of her work may be seen at

2017 Academic Excellence Awards

The Academic Excellence Award is the highest honor given to graduating students in a major program. Selections are made by program leaders and faculty, and affirmed by the College’s academic awards committee. Criteria include a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher (for undergraduates), quality of work, personal character, and contributions to Otis and the larger community. These students wear a special purple cord at the Commencement ceremony.



The 2017 Academic Excellence Award recipients are:


Adam Harris, Architecture/Landscape/Interiors
Antonio Aiello, Communication Arts with an emphasis in Illustration
Hana Siobhan O'Regan, Communication Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design
Natasha Carovska, Digital Media
Linbei “Lillian” Xie, Fashion Design
emmanuelle castellan, Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting
Dakota Raine Higgins, Fine Arts with an emphasis in Sculpture/New Genres
Camille Nikita Chorin, Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography
Lila Reynolds, Product Design  
Yoon Sang Kim, Toy Design

Suzanne Zoe Joskow, Graduate Fine Art
Qier Guo, Graduate Graphic Design
Raghubir Kintisch, Graduate Public Practice
Kevin John Thomas, Graduate Writing

2017 Distinction in Studio Awards

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Awards for Excellence in Design 2016-2017
Mohanad Alsarheed - Studio 1, Fall 16
Eliana Ramirez - Studio 1, Spring 17
Mohanad Alsarheed - Studio 2, Summer 16/Spring 17
Juan Febres-Cordero - Studio 3A, Fall 16
Wei Qiu - Studio 3B, Fall 16
Wei Qiu - Studio 4A Spring 17
Juan Febres-Cordero - Studio 4B, Spring 17
Erim Ayhan - Studio 5, Fall 16 
Ibrahim Ghulam - Studio 6, Spring 17

Communication Arts Distinction in Studio Award 
Natalie Irene Center – Illustration, Senior Project
Noah Humes, Illustration, Senior Project
Maria Nyren - Graphic Design, Senior Project
Hana O’Regen - Graphic Design, Senior Project

Digital Media Distinction in Studio Award 
Natasha Carovska
Jeremie Carreon
Sol Lee
Christina Liang
Brianna Miller
Sonia Moraka
Dane Smith
Daveion Thompson

Fashion Design Distinction in Studio Award
Fashion Design 2017 Distinction in Studio Awards - Weijia Cai 

Fine Arts Distinction in Studio Awards
Jessi Baumsteiger - Distinction in Painting
Forouzan Safari - Distinction in Painting
Cecilia Arana - Distinction in Photography
Alexia Brazet - Distinction in Photography
April Oh - Distinction in Photography
Victoria Ayad - Distinction in Sculpture/New Genre
Irene Lee - Distinction in Sculpture/New Genre
Darrah Mathews - Distinction in Sculpture/New Genre 

Product Design Distinction in Studio Award

Alexander Barker, Design Studio
Alexandra Felix, Design Studio
Angie Lee, Design Studio  

Grason Hild, Design Studio
Ashley Peng, Soft Goods Design Studio
Colin Yoon, Hard Goods Design

Leo Freese, Design Studio 2
Raphael Oh, Design Studio 2
Tatiana Steward, Design Studio
Stefan White Design Studio 


Honors List

An honor given to graduating seniors (Undergraduate only) who achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher as of Spring semester. See this year's list here.

Dean's List

Students whose cumulative grade point average is 3.5 or higher earn a place on the Dean's List. 

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