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Student Awards

2020 Student Awards

Otis College of Art and Design recognizes outstanding student leaders, student groups, and student organizations every year through the Student Leadership Awards. These awards aim to honor student contributions which have enhanced our Otis College Campus Community.
The following students were nominated for Student Leadership Awards by their peers, faculty, supervisors, or by student affairs professionals that they work with. The Student Leadership Committee has reviewed all nominations and determined the winners. Congratulations to all our amazing student leaders!

Outstanding Contribution to the College Award

Justus Morschauser

Outstanding Contribution to the College Award recognizes a graduating Otis College student who has provided outstanding contributions on campus and/or beyond the campus community. Some examples include students who have organized or led initiatives, served or volunteered on campus in ways that made a positive impact, or other service activities beyond the campus community.


“Justus has shown deep professionalism, commitment, and dedication to working with the College's senior leadership and board of trustees. Justus has served on a number of college wide committees and always shows up prepared, engaged, and deeply engaged in working with others.”

Spirited Owl Award

Bobbie Gibbings

The Spirited Owl Award recognizes a graduating Otis College student who is recognized by their peers and faculty for their positive spirit, kindness, passion, and enthusiasm. This award is given to a student who has been actively engaged in representing Otis College through their determination, creativity, innovation, and drive.


“Bobbie always has an energetic, positive, and welcoming aura about them. They have impacted the experiences of so many students at Otis College through running D3, OBSU, being about of SU, and an O-Leader, along with countless other jobs they do on campus. Everyone knows Bobbie, and Bobbie knows everyone. It's always a comfort to know you'll find a friend around campus. They've spent their 4 years at Otis working hard to better our community and impact Otis in the best way possible.”

“Bobbie is the avatar of Otis' school spirit. They genuinely see the school as a place that can be made better and serve as a haven for all that attend. Their advocacy on SU and tenacity to get what they want on campus has been impressive to watch. Their kindness rubs off on whomever they talk to, making Otis a better place.”

Student Leader of the Year

Vanessa Quiles

Student Leader of the Year is someone who wholly reflects the mission of the Otis College Student Leadership Program: "Otis College of Art and Design student leaders are devoted to enriching students’ experiences on campus by providing them with a network of support and guidance, developing interactive programming, and fostering a friendly and diverse community that is built on respect". This person has worked hard to support and engage the Otis College student body, has thrived for excellence, and has served their community with enthusiasm, dedication, flexibility, and inclusiveness.


“Vanessa is overall an outstanding leader. She demonstrates diligence as well as an amazing sense of time management. Her ability to balance a job such as resident assistant and CAB while staying on top of all her school work is beyond impressive. Most importantly, Vanessa is kind-hearted and easy to approach whenever you need her help. To me, that is what encompasses a great student leader, therefore she deserves this recognition.”

“Vanessa has been keeping CAB running smoothly for years, and has had incredible leadership developing programming and expanding CAB's influence on campus. Her leadership will be a big hole to fill upon her graduation.”

Outstanding Club/Organization of the Year: The Otis College Outdoor Club led by Eunji Kim

The Otis College Club/Organization of the Year Award recognizes the student organization that has demonstrated innovation, collaboration, creativity, inclusiveness, initiative, and teamwork. The club/organization that is honored for this award is made up of leaders who are passionate about bringing the community together and creating meaningful opportunities for Otis College students to learn and build connections. This organization is considered a role model for other organizations on campus.


“The Outdoor Club is a club that encourages students to get away from their small workspaces and get inspired by the outdoors. The leaders of the club do their best to keep the members engaged and active with events around Los Angeles. They have weekly rock climbing and tennis outings and was even able to partner with Sender One to give Otis' The Outdoor Club members a student discount. The leaders are always sharing networking events for students to attend, which shows how much they really care for their peers and the community.”

“Eunji is the leader of The Outdoor Club at Otis. Her dedication to the club and the members of the club is truly inspiring. She goes above and beyond to keep the club satisfied and fresh. Her thoughts and actions really show how much she cares not only for the members but for the entire school and even the community.”