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E-Portfolio Excellence Award

Transcripts, resumes, and professional e-portfolios aren’t the only way to present a record of college learning and experiences. The Otis College Learning ePortfolio Excellence Award encourages students to think deliberately about how their e-portfolio can best demonstrate the value of their education.

E-Portfolios will be recognized based on the quality of students’ presentation of their academic, co-curricular, personal learning experiences, and accomplishments along with the e-portfolios’ creativity and individuality as showcased on the O-Space ePortfolio platform. The award celebrates learning and the successful integration of academics, student life, and technology. It challenges students to develop and personalize their portfolios in unique ways. 


  • Grand Prize Winner at the Junior/Senior level
  • Excellence Award at the Sophomore/Foundation level
  • Honorable Mention


These O-Space Learning ePortfolios tell each student's unique Otis College story!

2017-18 Winners

2016-17 Winners

2015-16 Winners

Submissions for 2018-19:

Instructions will be available on Dashboard closer to the deadline.