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Evidence of Student Learning

Otis College of Art and Design is strongly committed to student learning outcome achievement as the primary indicator of success in academic excellence. Our goal is providing students with the knowledge, values, skills, and practices necessary for their personal and professional development in a changing global environment. Ongoing assessment of learning outcomes gives us systematic evidence of our students’ knowledge, competencies and educational experiences and helps us evaluate our progress, support continued success, and target specific areas for improvement.

Each academic program is student-centered, identifying learning outcomes specific to individual fields and disciplines. In assessing student learning outcomes, the College uses a variety of methods and targets these outcomes over a four-year cycle. We use the results from these assessments to guide us in determining curricular restructuring, revising course content and design, and exploring our instructional practices. In Assessment, this is called ‘closing the loop’ and it is key to making sure that our faculty is as informed as possible and our students continually benefit from what we have learned about making their education successful.

Student Work by Department

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ePortfolios and Student Learning

Otis College students are active users of ePortfolios that along with critical and reflective writing are key High Impact Practices. Both of these practices are integrated into courses and co-curricular activities, and are widely acknowledged to enhance student learning.  In their ePortfolios, students create a body of work that demonstrates their ability to deepen their understanding of course content and concepts, to connect what they learn across different fields and disciplines, and more importantly, to link what they learn in classes with real world experience.

Every year students have the opportunity to submit their ePortfolios in the competition for ePortfolio excellence awards.  Winners are awarded cash prizes and celebrated at the Annual Awards Banquet. To see some outstanding examples of work that Otis students produce every year and get a better sense of ePortfolios, click here.