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Learning e-Portfolio Award Winners 2018

Grand Prize Winner

Megan Moberly  Megan Moberly, Digital Media Senior

The judges said:

“Megan Moberly's portfolio presents a mix of LAS and studio, includes an EXCITING cover page, reflections, videos and a little bit of co-curricular. Great portfolio!”

“So bright, colorful, and exciting! LOTS of work included-- studio, LAS and co-curricular.”

Megan Moberly's ePortfolio home page 

Megan's Learning ePortfolio

Excellence Award Winner

Yiming Zhang  Yiming Zhang, Fashion Design Sophomore

The judges said:

“This ePortfolio serves as a good example to other Otis College students! It includes a lot of beautiful pictures, photos, projects and paintings.”

“Yiming's portfolio beautifully documents their work. It is well designed and easy to navigate, with clear order and organization. I appreciate how they have showcased their culture in their welcome page and overall design. There was no about me page, which would have been helpful to get a sense of their personality.”

Yiming Zhang's home page  Yiming's Learning ePortfolio

Honorable Mentions

Nelli Bryzgalova, Digital Media Senior

Nelli Bryzgalova home page 

Nelli Bryzgalova's Learning ePortfolio

Hannabee Cartagena, Communication Arts Sophomore

Hanabee Cartagena

Hanabee Cartagena's Learning ePortfolio

Mirna Kamel, Foundation

Mirna Kamel's Learning ePortfolio

Mirna Kamel's Learning ePortfolio

Roanne Kim, Foundation

Roanne Kim's ePortfolio home page

Roanne Kim's Learning ePortfolio

Jinny Song, Fashion Design Senior

Jinny's ePortfolio home page

Jinny's Learning ePortfolio