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Otis College Students' Union

The Students’ Union is made up of student leaders who are passionate about helping other students and that will work hard to help to resolve student concerns on campus. They have been leaders in developing important initiatives on campus such as the Food Pantry, Resource Exchange, and many more.


Student's Union Members

Peer Mentors 2019-2020

MISSION: In order to provide for the student body a united, equitable, and fulfilling college experience, Students' Union members are devoted to improving campus environments by fostering a network of guidance, support, and advocacy for the desires and necessities of the student body.

Find out how YOU can get involved! Contact Erica Javidzad via our online contact form, or call (310) 846-2595

Delaney Engle


I am a 2nd year grad student in the MFA Fine Arts program. I enjoy plants, tennis, drawing, and have a major sweet tooth. I hail from the state of Oregon.

I joined the Students’ Union to be an advocate for my MFA community. I wanted to be a part of a representative body that could create more transparent, honest connections between Otis students, faculty, and administration.

Emma Haluzska

  • Pronouns: She / Her
  • Status: Senior
  • Major: Digital Media/Animation
  • Student Email:
  • Personal Email:

My name is Emma Haluszka and I'm a senior Animation student at Otis. I love cartoons, animals, and baking sweets!

I wanted to be a part of the Student's Union because I wanted to find a way to help improve school life for my fellow students in a proactive and empathetic way.

Arabella Osorio

  • Pronouns: She / Her
  • Status: Sophomore
  • Major: Digital Media Animation
  • Student Email:
  • Personal Email:

Hello! My name is Arabella and I am currently studying digital media at Otis college of art and design. I have always had a fascination with film and animation and am absolutely obsessed with Tv shows and movies, Especially If they are stop motion animation.

I chose to be a part of the Student’s Union because I want to help make the Otis community a more comfortable environment for current and incoming students while also meeting new people along the way.


Rei Rego

  • Pronouns: They / Them
  • Status: Senior
  • Major: Fashion Design w/ costume design emphasis
  • Student email:
  • Personal email:

Rei is a senior from Boston focusing on costume design for film and television. They have an intense love for coffee and robots, and they are the father of two black cats.

I joined the Students’ Union because I wanted to create more of a dialogue between student and faculty, as I feel that students experience intimidation regarding speaking to their professors about the issues they face. I would like to see the school flourish and be a great institution where all can exist in a safe space, but in order to do that, the voices of the students need to be heard.

Any Otis student who is passionate about helping other students on campus or wishes to be a part of a team that will help to resolve concerns on campus should e-mail the Students' Union at SU@Otis.Edu or call the Office of Student Activities at Contact the Students Union

For further information on how to become involved, contact Erica Javidzad via our online contact form, or call (310) 846-2595

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