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100x100 Student Art and Design Competition

100x100 Student Art and Design Competition

Student Art and Design Competition: Call for Student Proposals

Background: For the Otis College Centennial (launching September 2018), student artists and designers (individually or in teams) are invited to submit proposals for an original concept to be printed and displayed on a highly trafficked 100" x 100" wall space on the second floor of Ahmanson Hall. The winning student artist, designer, or team will receive a $500 award for the design. Otis College will pay for printing and installation of the winning design.

Theme for the 100x100: Creativity and commitment can change the world. Design a 100"x100" poster that reflects the idea of 100% commitment, that every creative person can believe in. Focus on the drive, the passion, and adventure that we all have inside of us. That voice telling you that you have something to say. That tenacity that keeps you in the studio until 4am. Use the space of this public poster to inspire others to commit and dedicate themselves to their creative cause. 

Eligibility Requirements: This opportunity is open to all Otis College students working in all disciplines. TWO proposals will be accepted per student and/or student teams. There is no fee to enter the competition. APPLY NOW

Ahmanson Student Affairs

The winning design will be installed on the corner wall outside of the Student Affairs Office on the second floor of Ahmanson.

Production Specifications:

  • Applications must include at least one sketch, draft, or initial mock-up of the original concept and a written description.
  • Upon panel selection, the winning student artist(s) or designer(s) will receive the exact file specifications and will be responsible for completing the final digital file for printing by Otis College.
  • The winning design will be printed on a flat two-dimensional vinyl poster and installed outside of the Student Affairs office on the second floor of Ahmanson Hall.
  • The work can be based on illustration, photo, graphic, or other method but will be printed as a 100” x 100” vinyl poster.
  • Otis College will print and install the vinyl poster.

Dates and Selection Process: 

  • The proposal deadline is January 31, 2018. 
  • Otis College’s Senior Leadership Team will select the winning concept. Upon final determination, the selected student or team will be notified by Wednesday, February 7.
  • The final digital file must be delivered by the student artist, designer, or team by Wednesday, February 21. 
Please contact with any questions.