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About Otis College

Otis College prepares diverse students of art and design to enrich our world through their creativity, their skill, and their vision.

At Otis College we promote excellence and innovation within a rigorous yet caring and collaborative environment. Students are encouraged to be individualistic and passionate in their approach to art and design.

As Los Angeles’ first independent professional school of art and design, Otis College is located on the west side of Los Angeles in the heart of Southern California’s creative community. The nearby coastal communities of Venice, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica are home to many of Los Angeles’ most important art and design studios, as well as headquarters for many leading film, digital imaging, video game, and toy companies.

Admissions Welcomes You...

Throughout your Otis College experience, the Admissions office is available to answer questions about Otis College and applying to a college of art and design. All Summer of Art students are invited to drop in any weekday at 4:30pm to speak with an Admissions Counselor and receive an informal portfolio review. In addition to one-on-one appointments, Admissions holds a Portfolio Review Night and an Art School Prep Information Session.

All Summer of Art alumni who apply to Otis College will have their application fee waived. Contact for details.



Otis College BFA Scholarship Award for Summer of Art Alumni
One accepted Otis College undergraduate applicant who has completed the Summer of Art program with outstanding artistic and academic achievement and who meets the Otis GPA requirement will be selected to receive an $80,000 scholarship award towards tuition for Otis College of Art and Design, to be paid out over the course of four years.




Summer of Art Alumni BFA Scholarship Award Recipient






“I was surprised because I found a new confidence in myself after I received the scholarship. It’s a rare opportunity and I’m very thankful.” Keitana Richmond, Recipient of the 2017 Otis College Summer of Art Alumni BFA Scholarship Award